Thursday a neighbour hailled me from the curb stating "I'd come closer to chat but you've got a lot of wasps coming and going from your deck. I checked an she was right That night I figured they'd be asleep and so went out to dust them bug killer. I found out in a painful way they were light sleepers. Friday I called Martin's Pest Control in they late morning. They worked me into their schedule and showed up around 3pm. During the task the representative and I chatted. He indicated that the insecticide he was using was a mixture Pyrethrin (derived from some types of chrysanthemum blossoms ) and nicotine - not exactly edible but all natural with a short life in the environment. He also suggested the type of caulk to use to close off the path leading to the area under the steps He indicated that all the wasps should be dead but if not call him for another blast of insecticide I was quite happy to move so quickly from "What'll I do?" to "Well that's done!"

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