The services provided by Greensavers were house pour foam insulation (applied inside interior walls), fridge replacement, attic insulation (blown in), and caulking to stop drafts. There was no cost to us, all services were paid for by grants. The house was a mess afterwords as you would expect. We had to move or stow contents to allow access to walls, and we had to vacate for several hours per day when they were spraying the foam (to avoid fumes). Pets were kept secluded in the basement where they were not spraying. For 2 days there was a crew of 3 to 6 workers doing their thing, with protective plastic sheeting all over the place. Afterwards there was much plaster dust from drilling. It is months later, and we are still redecorating and paInting walls, which were left with rows of white plaster patches where the foam was applied beneath the drywall. We are grateful to Enbridge, Ontario Hydro, and the Ontario government for their support that made this grant possible. The fridge was a basic model Fridgidaire. It was provided by a company with a warehouse in Oakville. The fridge came with a warrantee, which we took advantage of. The first 3 fridges had flaws in the form of obvious dents, or loose parts, or a poor seal when fridge doors were closed, which caused ice to form in the frost-free / ice-free freezer. Each time we called to send back a fridge, the same 2 movers came to happily take it back and gave us another one off the truck. The fourth fridge was the charm!

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Hi Phil. We're so happy to hear that you were able to qualify for some energy saving measures for your home! You will no doubt have a warmer house this winter and enjoy much lower energy bills!