After reading all these great reviews, I chose Sabat to do the architectural plans and permit applications for a rather large reno project. Initially we were quite impressed. Our contact Mehri was prompt, responded to all inquiries and even forwarded emails from the city to show us what progress was being made. We paid 50% of their total fee upfront (so about $2400 as the deposit), and were told to wait while the city reviewed the application. We were told there would be significant delays due to COVID, which is totally understandable. However, I have emails and texts confirming the applications were submitted in April of 2021. It's now been a FULL YEAR and I've heard nothing from Sabat. I would periodically message Mehri to check on the progress, and she would initially tell me the same thing every time "they're backlogged and moving slowly, just wait." Eventually Mehri stopped replying to my texts, does not answer the phone when I call, and has not returned any of my many voicemails. I've tried calling Sabat's main office number, but there are only 2 options given by the automated answering system: talk to the construction manager, or the architectural manager. And when I choose architectural, guess whose voice inbox in takes you to? Yup. Mehri. Who still doesn't answer the phone. I've left messages for the construction manager too, in an attempt to get Mehri to talk to me, but have still heard nothing back. So, short version, I've paid them $2400 for architectural plans and city permits, and a year later, still have neither. And now they won't talk to me or be held accountable. Please save yourself the time, money and stress, and DO NOT CHOOSE SABAT if you actually expect them to deliver.

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Dear Marla,
As you indicated in your review, I always answered your phone quickly and was in regular communication with the city. At the time, the city's work load was too heavy, and there was a shortage of staff, thus practically all projects were delayed for many months. It was not in my control. I have all of my emails, and each round of review for the examiner takes four months.
Regarding the second point you raised, I declined to take your call. Because I lost my young sister to the COVID-19 pandemic a few months ago. You phoned me at the moment, and I did not answer. I was not in Canada; instead, I travelled to my home country to attend a funeral and meet my parents after a six-year absence. However, I was communicating with the city and another customer through email when you phoned.
I paid the application cost of roughly $700 out of my own pocket without asking you to do on that time so; you claimed I took your money and then refused to answer your phone. Instead of writing this review, I hoped you emailed me at least once.