Second time hiring this company. This last visit, they sent a couple of kids in an unmarked truck. They used extension ladders around the house but rather than calling me at the office (one block away from my home) to provide them balcony access, they used an extension ladder to gain access to my balcony. Without a step ladder, they used poles to clean the glass above the balcony but were short, so they stood on my $1,200 patio chair and broke the leg of my chair, said nothing. I contacted the owner who will only call himself Steve (no last name), tells me that they crews all get one week training, denied responsibility and refuses to pay for his crews mistake. These crews used no safety harnesses and are at incredible risk for injury. Here is what Steve has to say "As for the chair, I have a lot of faith in our guys and I would HIGHLY doubt that one of our trained technicians would have damaged or stood on your chair. They have step ladders and poles to reach windows and they all went through at least a week of training before ever being sent to a customer's house" I will pursue my claim in Small Claims court but know that if you chose to use this company and if things don't go well, you will be spending time & money in court.

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Company Response

Fernando, this is John Riley. I am the new owner since this incident happened. I cannot take any responsibility for what went on before, but I assure you and everyone else that reads this that I run the business in a much more responsible and professional manner.
My family has been in the window cleaning industry since 1956, have kept it small and I, as the owner, am often seen onsite as one of the technicians.
Windows 2000 is now operated as a part of Rileys' Window Cleaning.
I know that this response is far too late in the game, but it was only just brought to my attention.