Our kitchen remodelling has been marred with delays and mistakes. The contract was signed early September 2016 but I am still not done dealing with them. While we am happy with the overall quality of work, but that doesn't mean we didnt have to go through a lot of heartburn. We did everything to make sure there is no delay to the project due to us but they would make one mistake after other. When the time came to install sink and cabinet handles they came us asking but we had already selected the sink and handles at their store a month back. They never wrote it down and caused delays to the project. The cabinets when they installed were poorly aligned. They never noticed it and only after we followed up 3-4 times and sent them pictures as a proof they are not aligned did they finally rectify their mistake. They lost the patching tape for our cabinets for a month in their store and only gave us that mid feb. I am still waiting for the grid of the sink they installed. I will definitely not go back to them when we plan to remodel our washrooms.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and complaints with us. We always have been and always will be open to sugestions on how we can perfect our quality of services, so we are greatful for your insight. We appologise about the delay that you have experienced and if this has caused you any inconveniece. We strive to reach the best quality posible and If we haven't met yours on this project we appologize. As a famous quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt once said "A smooth sea never made a skilfull sailor"
This situation was unfortunetly out of our hands, as you are aware of. We have had ongoining conversations with the manufacturer of the sink about delayed delivery for your sink's grid and we have notified you that it is delayed by the manufacturer's fault, as it is being delivered from Europe. At this point we have done everything we could from our end to have it all delivered to you on time. The matter is being looked after and you should have had your grid delivered to your home this afternoon. Unfortunetly these things happen sometimes and there is nothing we can do to prevent it from hapenning.
As per your kitchen remodelling it was complete in timely manner. Your kitchen cabinets were ordered mid October 2016, your renovations were started on November 28-th 2016. Your kitchen cabinets were delivered to our showroom mid December, as the manufacturer takes 6-8 weeks to complete the order and you were aware of this time frame. Your kitchen cabinets were delivered to your home and installed few days after their delivery to Kitchen Land's showroom. Your entire Kitchen Installation was completed the first week of January and your last payment to Kitchen Land in full was January 9-th, 2017. Your kitchen renovation was completed in less than 2 months, considering it was right in the middle of Christmas, New Years and other Holiday's season. As to kitchen doors alightment, Alex himself explained to you that the doors are aligned to perfection AFTER the countertop is installed, at the same time as your handles and knobs. It was not a mistake on our behalf, it is simply our procedure that you were made aware of step by step. Your only concern was, the waiting time of small items, like your cutting board, tape and your kitchen sink's grid. Which as I said prior we tried to resolve as soon as we could but certain things we have no control over.


Kitchen Land Team


Everything went smooth while dealing with them. They arrive on agreed time, they are a team of 4 so their work is fast, they clean the space once done and they also took care of some miscellaneous electrical work we had. It was very nice dealing with Hossein and his team.

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Thank you it was a pleasure working with you


It's both funny and tragic how these guys can deliver almost picked out of dumpyard quality furniture not just once but twice. We bought a coffee table from them and the time it got delivered, it had huge dents. I think their quality control hires people who are blind(mentally - not physically of course). We went to the store for replacement and guess what, the replacement table was equally crappy. After this we had enough so we asked for a refund. The guys at their store even had the audacity to say they don't give refunds. Anyways we were not goIng to settle for a store credit so we got them to agree for a refund which we didn't receive for 10 days. After that when we called back to check what happened one of the staff members, her name is Madhia, took my credit card details and kept me on hold for 15 mins. I finally hung up and called back to check what happened when she said their system is not responding and she will call me back which never happened. I had to call her back twice before I got my refund. From beginning to end, it was a harrowing, torturous experience.

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