After abysmal "service" from original installer, we had a new AC unit installed by J.Kelly and they were FANTASTIC! Spoke with Neil ( who also visited on the day of installation to confirm all was well) and we received first rate service. Joe came and reviewed our current placement and assured us they could easily do the job. They arrived at 8 am and were gone by 2 pm and we love the new unit. What a pleasure to deal with "can do" professionals!

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Company Response

Fantastic! Thank you for your business and for taking the time to post a review.

My best,

Neil Kelly


Laird installed our ductless AC unit 17 years ago and we had great service. In 2020 when we wanted to replace it we had at least 3 site visits, talked with 4 different people, and consistently received conflicting information as they continually found new problems - no one would climb more than 3 steps on a ladder, current placement could not be matched, a hydro insulation blanket needed to be ordered - although by the time they told us this, they KNEW that the appointment would have to be delayed but did not tell us. We finally cancelled and got another provider and they were FANTASTIC! A new AC in the same spot - no hassles, no excuses. IN RESPONSE TO THE COMPANY REPLY: I HAD NO MOTIVATION TO DECEIVE. IT WAS THEIR REPRESENTATIVE WHO STATED THEY COULD NOT GET THEIR GUYS TO CLIMB MORE THAN THREE FEET. HOMESTARS DID NOT ALLOW ME TO NAME THE LOCAL BUSINESS WHO EASILY DID THE WORK WITH SUCH A GREAT ATTITUDE - BUT IT IS A FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS ON BAYVIEW!

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Company Response

In the new era of reviews companies are expected to say sorry for things they didnt do and to just accept what people say. But in this case it should be known to anybody reading this review that what you are saying is 100% false. Except for the fact that we had our installer come back again because your neighbor didnt want the condenser in the original location that you asked for . So yes it required a couple visits including the original diagnostic by a service technician. Very misleading . Next, your current location is on a pitched roof requiring a 10 foot ladder and the high voltage line from the road is within inches of it. So the 3 feet of step ladder very misleading as well. Safety standards and workers rights to be safe are paramount to any reputable firm and your lines should have been wrapped by the power company and insulated for safety. Next, your appointment was booked fully on a Thursday contingent on Ontario Hydro coming to turn off the power or wrap the lines. Next, you cancelled the job yourself on the monday before because you wanted us to call Ontario Hydro to do it for you. Only the homeowner can turn off their own power , we cannot do that for you. We are thrilled you found a company to help you out though you should let everybody know who they are.



Sophie recommended we hire Ryman to paint the entire interior of our house. The quality of workmanship was substandard: a) trim was not primed - and within months, there has been significant peeling (see picture); b) a massive clean-up was required by us due to excessive paint splatter on floors and windows ( no drop sheets used and no taping); c) existing holes/flaws in walls were not properly prepped prior to painting; d) in some rooms the wall behind the radiator was not painted. We have REPEATEDLY expressed our concerns with both Sophie and Ryman. Ryman has not responded and Sophie has ignored our pleas for help, advising us that we must deal directly with Ryman - THE PERSON WE HIRED BASED ON her recommendation. TOTALLY FRUSTRATED. Ryman's team was clearly a poor choice and yet Sophie refuses to take any responsibility for the shoddy job.

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