Buyers beware! I purchased several pieces from the store in Newmarket. Susan was amazing to work with she was extremely informative and helpful! Upon purchasing I was advised 6-8 weeks, we asked for preferred delivery date and as that date approached which was 9 weeks later no one contacted me. I called the warehouse and was told they don't have the shipment it would be another week. I advised them I was waiting on this and no one informed me, Sara from customer service was able to split the order. Upon delivery of the kitchen and coffee table the delivery guys unwrapped my table on the road and brought it inside (I live in a new subdivision therefore it's a construction zone). The table has a deep scratch on the leg, which I contracted customer service about. After a week of no response I called customer service back and was advised they would look into it. The following day we got a call they would be delivering the remainder of our order the bedroom set and picking up the table to get repaired. When I asked if I was getting a new one Bonnie said no we are repairing it and we don't know how long will take to fix. I asked for a loner table and she said we don't have one. I'm not sure how any company expects to take your kitchen table for weeks without providing a loner table, despite the damage was caused from ignorance of the delivery guys. I demanded them not to take my table unless I was getting a new one or loner, after complaining enough to the sales associate I finally got a very rude call back from Bonnie telling me it will be delivered on there schedule not mine if I'm not home we'll have to take time off work or wait till there is a free Saturday. When the delivery guys came to bring the bedroom set the warehouse sent the wrong slacks for the bed and said they would have the warehouse notified on Tuesday and bring them for next week. Now this is 12 weeks after purchase and I still don't have all the pieces of what I ordered and can't even sleep in my bed because the slacks are for a queen and we have a king. In addition to this the handles on a piece we got were incorrect. I again called customer service and advised them, I spoke with Sara again and advised her I don't want them to pick up my table as this would mean transporting it another 4 times and who knows what damages can conspire in those transitions. All my wife and I wanted was to purchase 2 additional chairs at a discounted cost and be provided a stain marker to colour in the marked areas on the table. Sara's price was 20 bucks cheaper than what we originally paid for the chairs, which to me is not discounted in my eyes! I emailed the owner and have yet to hear it back which I think is pathetic after the continuous issues I have been having. I am not asking for the chairs free although I should I am asking for them half off because I believe I deserve to be compensated for the inconvenience they have caused me. I have yet to receive the stain marker and I was told it would have been delivered last week. When I contacted Sara she than told me she had to order it- when earlier in the week she said we will deliver it Wednesday. Another lack of communication once again at the customers expense! I will admit the sales associate was extremely helpful and the furniture is beautiful the problem with this company is the lack of customer support and the very rude individuals who work for customer service (Bonnie). I didn't want to have to write this negative review but when I didn't get a response from the email I sent to the owner I'm not sure how help to get their attention!.

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Company Response

Hello and sorry for your issues.
My understanding after speaking to customer service is we did 2 deliveries because you wanted product ASAP and yes it took 1-2 weeks longer than our estimated del time.
Note we did not charge you for the extra delivery.
Yes there was a part missing from your bed and a scratch on your table base. We came back a couple days later with part for bed and offered to repair your table in home and or return to manufacturer for repair.
Bonnie who is always an angel on the phone with customers did offer you a loaner table. After all was said and done you requested a stain marker which has now been mailed.
So for compensation you wanted 2 free Mennonite chairs valued at $499 each?? We did offer them to you at our cost and also offered a gift certificate and really feel we have been fair with you.
I do not get involved with customers for small issues like this, as we have a great/polite customer service team, is why we have employees.

Thanks for your business
Jeff Reynolds


Rob and everyone a Boss leather are extremely easy to work with. We walked in and were welcomed by the friendly staff. Rob helped us pick a couch that would match the furniture we have but also complimented the family room. Finding a colour is never easy but Rob did all the work and came to me with the fabrics that had great quality. The turn around time was super quick and he was very accommodating to our delivery needs. The delivery of the couches was easy and painless the guys placed it exactly where I wanted with no questions asked. Now that we have the beautiful leather couch, the quality speaks for itself! We will definitely use Boss Leather again and would highly recommend them to family and friends. Thank you to boss leather for building our beautiful couch. Thank you Mr & Mrs Landolfi

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Company Response

Hi Mr and Mrs Landolfi , thank you for the kind words , it was a pleasure to build your sectional and as a company we really take our reviews seriously and love to hear these great experiences .

Enjoy your beautiful sectional!

The Boss Team.