I have used this company twice prior but I am sorry to say I should have done recent research. Within under 2 months of having the exterior sprayed for ants they have returned. The company does not warranty the treatment. I did raise concerns that it was going to rain the next day but they assured me it was fine. They also did not warranty the treatment. They have just lost any future business from me.

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Dear Louisa
Unfortunately, due to ministry guidelines and product availability, there is NO product on the market that can be used on the outside of properties. You were informed of this when you insisted we do the treatment anyway. There is no guarantee on the lawns or outside of buildings. You were informed that it would eliminate what is there at time of service, only,however, it is a water soluble product and there is no residual effect. You were ok with that at the time....the fact that it lasted 2 months is quite amazing. We had informed you and have recorded messages confirming this. We try to dissuade our clients from any service that we cannot guarantee. This is one of them. You insisted, knowing all the facts. We have been in business for over 20 years and have an excellent reputation and stand by our services. Recent research would show and confirm that we are the top 3 companies in Ontario and are very proud of our commitment to customer service.
Denise Smith VP ICE Inc.