We placed our trust in this wife and husband operated company and paid them with our hard earned money only to realize that when you really need them they disappear and do not want to help you with anything or provide you with after sales customer service. Our small deck stairs and privacy wall came down and when we contacted them to help us remove everything that collapsed onto our neighbour's property they refused and gave us the runaround. I explained to them that it was very dangerous to leave the privacy wall that came down in its current position because it could injure our neighbour's children or even us and even with everything that we told him they still refused to send one of the crew members to assist us lift and move away this heavy wall. Seeing that they were not willing to help we called one of our neighbours to help us move the large piece but he just couldnt help us because its too heavy and most likely you need special equipment and more than a few men to lift it but him being an engineer, he commented on the poor workmanship which this deck was built by Lotus Interlocking. We strongly suggest that you do not use this company because all they want to do is take your money and run away. Now we are stuck with the privacy wall where its currently sitting where it can hurt someone. Alex (the husband) is a nice person and we dealt with him and decided to give the job to their company because we liked him at that time. But then his wife Irene got involved and it was very difficult to deal with her at the time they did the job. Now we are stuck dealing with her, shes very rude and arrogant and not helpful and we have asked her for help shes like a filter for Alex so its very hard to deal with people like that when it comes to business. Had we know we were going to be dealing with Irene for the rest of the project we would not have awarded the business to them. This Lotus Interlocking company was hired based on the trust we put in them to do a good job putting a deck together, however this is not the case. I'll start by mentioning the screws used to hold the 2x4 together are too small to hold so much weight. The wood bought by them as per the contract is the cheapest used, cracked on all angles. This was not a cash deal therefore the material bought by them does not reflect the cost paid. The lattice placed as a privacy wall has fallen on the fence shared with our neighbour potentially injuring someone because now that it has fallen, we realized that is was never secured to the wall. Irene has been notified and has NOT have the decency to come and take down the bad job they have done. We need this taken down immediately before it falls down on someone creating life threatening injuries.

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Company Response

Good day, Grace

Thank you for contacting LOTUS. We take our customer satisfaction very seriously.

You, Grace Buckley, contracted LOTUS in May of 2017 (Invoice #41, dated May 24, 2017) for installation of backyard deck and privacy wall, interlocking patios and walkway, and sod replacement. All work was completed to your satisfaction and acceptance at the end of May 2017, with final payment received on June 1, 2017. You were provided with a 2 (two) year warranty on labour only, with material warranted by the manufacturer. Kindly note that all material was purchased new from the Home Depot. Further, all warranty claims have been resolved and serviced as per your requests. Numerous after sales customer service calls, texts and emails were answered in a professional and kind manner.

It is of utmost importance to note that you called LOTUS from a No Caller ID on May 25, 2022 at 11:47 am to advise that the May 21, 2022 Derecho Thunderstorm, which took place across Ontario & Quebec knocked down your deck privacy wall and BBQ unit off the deck, and request a quote for repairs. You texted May 21, 2022 time stamped photos of the destruction caused by the storm to help our project manager assess the damage.

Unfortunately, this significant piece of information is missing from your feedback. And, although LOTUS completes all contracted work with heightened attention to customer safety and beyond adherence to Ontario Building Code requirements, the Derecho Thunderstorm was an act of God, and such are never foreseen or warranted. Your deck privacy wall was built 5 years ago, and had it not been for the Derecho Thunderstorm, would still be in place. Therefore, LOTUS in under no contractual obligation to rectify any of the damages caused by the storm.

Sadly, the May 21, 2022 Derecho Thunderstorm caused severe destruction and death across Ontario and Quebec, and many people are still without power and clean up efforts are underway. Through our May 26, 2022 correspondence, we have informed you that LOTUS does not offer clean up services and qualified help must be contracted to remove and dispose of debris in a safe manner.

Your May 25, 2022 text requested LOTUS to provide a quote for repairs to the privacy wall. Since 2017, LOTUS has shifted its service focus to the Toronto area, and although we highly value return clients, we have contractual commitments until the end of 2022 season. Our May 26, 2022 correspondence regretfully informed you of our inability to take on more projects at this time.

We appreciate the time you have taken to share your thoughts. Please, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 416.671.7270 or via email to discuss further.

Best regards,