We had a move scheduled for July 14, 2017. The movers were supposed to arrive between 3:00pm - 4:00pm, and they did not arrive until 7:30pm or so. The move lasted until after 2:00am. The movers themselves were good (even though they were very late), but they were visibly exhausted from the previous job and driving they just did. The sales and scheduling department are the real problem. This company is mistreating their "professional movers" and creating an environment where they are working long hours for likely little pay. The amount of consecutive working hours and driving hours exceeds labour and safety laws. - Scheduling department never contacted us before the move. We had to contact them the day before to confirm the pickup time. They were supposed to contact us a week before or a few days before. - The movers arrived 3.5 later than the estimate because the scheduling department created an unrealistic job and provided little details to the movers. They drove from Toronto to Quebec City, moved a four bedroom house, then drove 8 hours to us to move a three bedroom house. They worked for 30 hours straight, including driving. This violates labour laws and safety laws. - We asked the sales agent Tara if we should empty dressers, and she said it was ok to leave them. The movers told us that there is a policy to empty them, but they moved them anyways. - When making the payment at 11:00pm, a warehouse manager Jamal wanted us to send an interac e-transfer to a hotmail address instead of the same email address as the deposit. This was very odd and after arguing on the phone, ended up paying by Visa. During the conversation he was very rude, saying "tick tock, time is running" to pressure us to pay. - After the move was finished, we spoke with Sarah who supposedly runs the scheduling department to ask about additional compensation for all the issues. (the minimum estimate was 7 hours but the movers only charged us for 6) She was supposed to call back but never did. We had to follow up two days later. No compensation.

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Company Response

Hi Brendan, Thank you for your feedback.

Due to unforeseen circumstances - these unfortunate challenges hindered our arrival time - we kept in contact with you along the way.

We are proud to say we follow the rules of the Canadian Driver's Log Book and Ministry of Transportation rules.

Respecting Off-Duty Time, On-Duty Time, Driving Time. Rotating driving cycles between our drivers on road trips and provide Sleeper-Berth Options. (when applicable)

Although your experience was unpleasant - it is rewarding to know our movers were good as you have mentioned.

We thrive off of customer excellence!

As much as we yearn for excellence - as in real life there may be a disappointed client, as yourself ... we rectified immediately with discounts and reduced hours calculated to compensate.

Over all, thank you for your feedback and using our moving services.