Mike and his crew helped me with a complete basement renovation. I started out with a musty basement and his company transformed it into a very warm and wonderful living space. They first dropped the floor and gutted the basement right down to the studs. They also had to replace all water, sewage etc. piping and electrical work. Everything had to be changed in order to bring this basement up to code. Thank you Mike for all your hard work. Nov. 8, 2018 I wish to give an update. I have now had this renovation and my basement is still dry as a bone and warm. I love the three windows which were knocked out because my basement does not seem like a basement and has a lot of natural light. I have had not problems going forward with my renovation. So once again, Thank you Mike for all your help and hard work getting my basement and house up to code with electrical and basement into such a warm and wonderful living space. Sakina Sakina

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