When my concrete pool needed work, most of the company do not even bother to call back or to provide a written estimate. More importantly, not many company have the know how to work on concrete pool. Bliss always return my call and explain in details what need to be done. The team have excellent work ethic and reasonable cost. I have been a loyal customer for 10+ years and would highly recommend their services.

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hi Maurice Duong, thanks so much for you review! we're so happy to hear that. Bliss Pools & Hot Tubs Inc. looks forward to servicing you again!  be safe all the best for you and your Family.
This is why we are here, to make your life easier!
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Total install area is 1350 SQ FT. Installers showed early on the start day. The job was done with very well with proper cut under doors casing. The job was done in 2 days as promised. The floor was uneven but Darmaga took the care to level it enough for the floor to look nice. The job site was kept clean. This is the second hardwood floor installation from Darmaga. They did the first job 8 years ago in our previous house. We went back to Darmaga on this new property. 3 people in our family hired Darmaga for the hardwood flooring, over 15 years time frame. The quality workmanship is still there. The job is as promised.

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The work is to cap the stair case and replace the handrail. The price is average of 3 quotes. The installers start work after 10:00 am and was one day late on starting the job. The installer wanted to start prep-work one week ahead of scheduled day. It took 5 explanation, in different way, for the installer to understand that the job site is not ready for him to start. Installers did not have the basic installation materials for the job. He was asking to use the home owner materials like : 3/8 plywood for the landing subfloor , rags for cleanup and the mud for filling in gap. The workmanship is below average. One of the picket post is not glue in properly and he said that the latex caulking would hold it. The screw plug were not sanded flat. Finish of the nosing was peeling off. We were left waiting till the day before to know IF the installer would show up next day. Most of the deficiencies are fixed but we can still see the nail holes on each steps. The are about 6 nails hole on each step. The holes is now the same color as the stair but the dimple is there still.

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Summary - Good product. Experience installers. Sloppy workmanship. Extra caulking everywhere. Blame the problem on the house first. Work site cleanliness at minimum. Be prepare to be there if service calls is needed. Once is enough. We had Winford Windows quote for 3 exterior doors quote, based on a friend recommendation. The price was reasonable for a 5' patio door, a standard front entrance and a standard side door. The product is good but the workmanship quality is poor. We are not going back nor recommending it. The install was done at the end of January 2011. This was huge a mistake, for agreeing to it, because it was very cold. The installer, assistance, was trekking through the house with his boot and did not put down any tarp to protect the floor. After the completion of work, the installers rush to leave without waiting for inspection acceptance. The patio door was sagging in the top middle frame. The installer blamed it on the house frame being crooked. The screws for the new lock do not sit flush (off angle). Most of the phillips screw head was stripped due to the power tool use. The side door was leaking cold air and the installer said he does not feel the leak. The patio door screen was damage at arrival. The front door vinyl frame was damage. We called the company to settle the bill and complain about the deficiencies. The saleperson promises to fix the problem. Waited till the end of March. The answer is always yes "we will get it fix soon" but nothing happen. We called Sawdac to complain which bought immediate action from the business owner. The missing screen is back. The sagging patio door frame no longer sag. The side door no longer leak cold air. The front door vinyl damage is now covered up. The damaged screws were replaced. When in doubt, the installer would cover it with caulking. Caulking is laddered generously on everything, including the vinyl frame. It was a learning experience to deal with Winford which I did not enjoy. The services call also caused much inconvenience.

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