Based on the very positive HomeStars reviews for Shine, my wife and I hired them to clean the gutters on our tricky, tall, steeply-sloped roof. Shine came through for us, doing a great job. We can assuredly recommend them to other homeowners in the GTA. We dealt with 4 individuals at Shine, on-site or through text. Dustin handled our questions about ladder height, etc. and took the job deposit. Kendra handled scheduling. Mike and Mike provided the hard part: the labor. Everyone was pleasant and good at their jobs. Mike and Mike worked hard and diligently, cleaning out our very mucked-up gutters. They're both very pleasant chaps who don't shy away from tough work. Impressive. Good HomeStars experience all-around. Cheers...

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Thanks so much!


As you can see from the pics, Magenta vastly improved the look of our house. Vastly improved it. Rodney and his crew removed our old, dead, weed-strewn lawn and laid down a beautiful layer of deep-green Kentucky blue. Rodney answered our many questions, gave helpful tips on taking care of the new lawn, and cleaned up the work site completely. Everything now looks fantastic and we are very pleased. We would highly recommend Magenta to anyone in the GTA needing lawn removal and new sod installation. Rodney was pleasant to deal with during the quote process, the job itself, and communications in-between. The crew was friendly too. The pictures tell the quality of the job Magenta did, so I'll end by urging readers to take a look at those. A truly beautiful finished product!

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Hi Matthew. Oh! Thank you so much for the lovely review. This is highly appreciated. We truly put our hearts and hands at work in whatever tasks we do. We do go the extra YARD at a time! So glad the project was a sucess and its now time for you and your family to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Next season will be even greater once that Sod comes in beautifully. Take care of the investment and enjoy again. Stay safe and God Bless!


Lui and PT Lawn has been our worst contractor experience ever. Cancelled our job the day before he was supposed to install, leaving us completely in the lurch with new sod scheduled to be installed mere days later. Here are the facts of our experience with Lui: 1. We were laying down a brand new lawn, so we wanted a sprinkler install that would be between the old sod removal and the new sod installation. We told Luis (and everyone who quoted the sprinkler job) all of this. 2. We formally hired Luis on 9/11/2020 for a 9/25/2020 sprinkler install. The 9/25 date was Luis' idea, based on his work calendar and our preference above. On the same day, we also paid him a 50% deposit. 3. Luis wrote my wife (not me) on the morning of 9/24 to say that he could not do the install, since he had not been able to secure a gas-line locate. Keep in mind, Luis had a full two weeks to secure locates for a sprinkler-install date that he chose! 4. Based on the locate history that Lui sent us, it appears Lui waited a whole week to initiate the locate requests! Wasted a whole week, and then pulls out of the job because he can't get locates!! That is the behavior of nobody I would want to do business with! Now, Luis will probably claim that he can't control when a locate request is satisfied, but we have pictures and records that prove he had both plenty of runway and that he wasted time in securing any necessary locates. Further, he didn't try to work with us for another install date whatsoever. Just wrote my wife (again, not me) to slink away from the 9/25 install date, leaving us completely out in the cold!! A sprinkler install is a big job, for which you need a company you can trust. PT Lawn did not prove trustworthy for us. Update (12/12/2020): Lui is now threatening to sue me over a factually correct and legitimate review. Everyone considering sprinkler work should think about if this is the kind of contractor that you want to do business with. I know my answer... Another trick that Lui tried to pull with us regarding this review was asking for the paper copy of our quote/invoice back, so that he could allege with Homestars that we were not a true customer. I suspect that Lui may have tried to suppress negative reviews via this trick before (my opinion). Unfortunately for him, we kept copies of everything and still maintain copies of everything...

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hi I just read this review and noticed some stuff missing

I would love to thank this gentleman and his lovely wife for finding us on home stars . when I received the phone call from my office stating the gas locates haven't arrived I made sure to call his wife because she was the 1st person I was dealing with. we had the installation date ready to go but no gas locates. we here at pt always request locates this gentleman was pushing for me to do the installation with out locates because he mentioned he knew where they were..
what I told him was I will not do the instant until I had my full locates.

and just to throw it out there this is actually this home owner 2nd review on us because he expected us to Post pone 30 drainages. which he could of waited 30 days and we could installed the system. and again I spoke more to his wife . because she gives the final say.

now this gentleman went ahead and gave me finished grade instead of sub grade which that fine.
when we mentioned to him that we were on a tight schedule. and I never said I couldn't do the job . but I need the locates so I went and dropped off your deposit right on the same day. which the gentleman was not home and I had to deal with his wife again.
not him which he claims I was avoiding him but I didn't have his number only his wife's number.
but I could of done the installation after all my drainages that were scheduled way before this installation. but he damanded for his deposit back. we gave him his deposit and that Monday the gas locates came and we were nice enough to email him those locates so he can give them to the other irrgation company to use
which I was notified by the locate company of I can give them my permission to use them.

we here at pt lawn sprinklers
are honest and try our best to accommodate but sometimes us contractors and home owners can't handle stress of projects.

so what we did to accommodate this homeowner by the same day giving his deposit back mentioned to him we can do the installation after the drainages which he claimed was not acceptable because the landscaper order the sod which the sod was delivered a week and half later he found another contractor that was more expensive. and and handed them my locates that I sent him all I can say is that we have tried to accommodate and it was not to his liking.

but thank you for showing us that we need to improve and as you can by our reviews we try our best. and have great feed back from our clients

yours truly

Lui from
PT Lawn Sprinklers


Royal Green and Nino have been our best hire off of Homestars, hands down! What an amazing sprinkler service! Through the whole thing, Nino and his team were fantastic--friendly, prompt, dependable, experienced, you name it... We hired Royal Green to install a new sprinkler system on our large-ish lot after our old lawn was removed and before the new sod was installed. Nino laid down a great network that covers our mix of lawn, ditch, and landscape beds. Royal Green works with top equipment (Hunter, Rainbird, Rachio, etc.) to get the job done. Further, Nino patiently answered every question we had (and we had many). Truly top notch service from a dedicated business owner. Everyone should strongly consider Royal Green for their sprinkler needs. Thank you, Nino!!

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Thank you for your review