I bought a house in Aurora, Ontario in March 2011, and wanted to be sure there were no surprises, so I made the offer conditional on an inspection. My Real Estate agent gave me the names of 2 inspectors to try. He told me that the first guy had over 20 years experience and the other had just 3 or 4 years experience. He said that obviously the more experienced guy would cost more and be excellent but that the new guy was very keen and quite good. I decided to call the new guy first to see what he was like. After talking with him on the phone I was impressed with his enthusiasm and flexibility. It was late Friday afternoon and he said he could do it on Sunday or Monday or just about any day after that. So I picked him. His name is Isaac Kass. Isaac did a very thorough job. When I met him at the home for the verbal report on the Sunday, he set my expectations by first saying that since it was a 25 year old home there where going to be issues, so I shouldn’t get too worried about what he was about to say. It was a good thing he said that because he then proceeded to point out about 20 issues he had discovered in the previous 3 hours he had been there. Despite all of this, he ended by saying that all in all, the house was above average for a 25 year old house. The next day he emailed me a 23 page report in Pdf format with 40 photographs describing the issues he mentioned in the report. Each photograph had red arrows pointing to the problems he was describing. In the end, I did buy the house. Most of the issues where small, and the bigger ones where the kind of thing you can expect from a 25 year old home. I now have a document which I can refer to when I move in and begin renovations. All in all Isaac did an excellent job. It was money well spent.

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