I will NEVER recommend leons to ANYONE. Last sept. I moved to Toronto and bought not just a couch but a whole condo worth of stuff I even bought protection for my carpet and leather.... under a year a rip has happened in the seem in the pillow attched to the couch ( where we sit) and also the "leather " started to crack between the two of the couch cushions. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN UNDER A YEAR I called leons end of aug. Early September and a tech came out looked at the couch and took pictures... told me someone will be in touch I gave leons over a week to get back to me, and of course no one contacted me. I then contacted them frustrated with what had be going on and the girl took my name AND number and told me awesome news that I had been approved for a new couch!! I then asked can I just get the same couch I have she said no it has been discontinued. That was sad news but I was still absolutely happy that I was approved for a new coach. I asked her more details of what to do and then we said good bye. Kid you not 20 mins later... She calls me back tells me that she was looking at the wrong profile. My question is how do you look at the wrong profile when you take someone's name and number and even look up the couch that I have and tell me if it's someone elses profile... either the number won't match the name or other eat around.... After that I spoke with a duty manager that said they would look into it and again no one had gotten back to me after saying that. I gave them a few days and I called back and now I'm speaking to a store manager named Darwin he also said he would look into it and get back to me do you think I heard back no. Yet again I'm the one that's reaching out to Leon's and I finally get in touch with another store manager named Aiza. ( it now been OVER A MONTH) at this im so angry I told her I had bought the protection care so If there not going to do anything i will call them and make a claim for my couch. *** keep in mind i first made this complaint under my one year of having the couch**** I also bought 5 year protect so since leons has not been helpfull not even head office as I wrote and e mail in and still have not heard back...... I went to make a claim. This brings me to this morning... they then tell me I am not covered.. okay... leons why the heck would I spend money on a protection coverage if I'm not even going to be covered.. "The Company remains committed to continued growth in sales and profits for the benefit of its shareholders, Company associates and customers" Coped and pasted from their web site... just as seen here customers are last... clearly just care about their sales and profits, nothing to do with customers!! Don't shop their you will be disappointed!!!!!!!!

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