We hired Dirt Dragger based on great reviews on HomeStars and on his first visit, Mohamad was very friendly, professional and performed the cleaning on our Minotti sofa. We had stressed the fact that this was an expensive sofa that we cared for diligently since buying it. Unfortunately, the next day when the cleaning solution had dried, we had brown stain residue over every piece of the sofa and cushions. Mohamad returned and used a rinsing agent to try and remove the stains but the next day the stains remained. Mohamad kept blaming the stains on 'possible agents we had used to upkeep or clean the sofa' but at the end of the day, it was because the sofa material contained viscose and the cleaning solution Mohamad had used reacts adversley to viscose. As Mohamad stated he had no other ways to remove the stain, we had to employ a substantially more expensive firm to remove the stain (which they did successfully). I had asked Mohamad for a refund of our fee and he seemed agreeable to this, asking for an email address to send the refund to. However, he went silent, ignoring multiple subsequent emails which seem to show his true colors when it comes to customer service. He says all the right things and if nothing goes wrong there's no problem. But be wary as if something does go wrong, he talks a good talk but at the end of the day fails to live up to his self proclaimed standards on customer service. I truly believe it's what a company does in the 1-5% times something goes wrong that truly defines their trustworthiness and reputation. I would've given 3 stars for effort on his part if he hadn't gone silent.

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Company Response

Sorry for delay in replying.
In due of Christmas and new year there has been high wave of customer base and existing due orders so we couldn’t revert back.

Beginning with; the first issue- the stains were a cause of your previous spot cleaning which had led to excess of soap foam on the couch.
Right away Muhammad showed you the foam dispensing from the residue of previous cleaning.Also to be precise no company guarantees complete stain removal .
Moving forward we look up to satisfying our customers and thus he proposed you to come the next day for additional service despite of your negligence .
The next day he cleaned it thoroughly,thought it was not his fault or his part to be performed.The second cleaning did make a difference .

While he was about to leave, despite of acknowledging him you tried to intimidate him by blocking his way and treated him abusively and violated his rights as an employee.He had the right of refusing to do the job but still he was very patient with you throughout .

Thereafter, rather than requesting you claimed in agitation to Muhammad for a refund in order to get your couches cleaned by another company to which he agreed in order to resolve the issue .
He requested you to send the invoice of the service that you’d be outsourcing and he promised to compensate you back in full.

Thought after several requests to send an invoice we couldn’t avail any respond from your end and thus we documented the work and closed the file.

Our company served you and compensated with another service the very next day despite of no fault from our side although Muhammad spend hours resolving your issue whereas the work order clearly describes no guarantee for stain removal to which you read and approved .Still to maintain customer relations we are ready to compensate to you once you send us an invoice.

Although you not submitting an invoice proves that when Muhammad came for the second service the stain removal issue was resolved and you haven’t had called another company to do the sevice.