Assisted Review

An assisted review is collected by a contractor on behalf of the homeowner after their work is completed. The homeowner must confirm the text of the review and may make any changes she or he deems appropriate. The homeowner then assigns the contractor a review score out of 10. Assisted reviews receive the same scrutiny as other reviews and must follow our review guidelines.

The guys at Tip Top Trough made quick work of my eavestrough problem. It had come away from my roof. They not only got it back well attached, but alerted me to some earlier work that had been done poorly before we bought the house. No one else we’ve had work on our roof has ever been so proactive in warning us – and indicating with photos – of a potential problem that will need attention in future. And, only a few days after Pierce had fixed the eavestrough problem, we had one of the heaviest downpours of the season. I was delighted, when I checked, to see that now all the water was going where it was supposed to go! I will definitely call Pierce when next I want to get some work done on the eavestroughs

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We had Frank come to do a few small repairs around our house. He arrived a few minutes early. The work we had done was replacing some electrical switches, filling in spots that needed to be covered with drywall, and installing a new dryer vent and vent cover. Frank worked diligently and knowledgeably at all of it. Everything was done to our satisfaction, quickly, and well. I would highly recommend The Handyman Dan, and Frank, to all who need household repair work done.

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