Kitchen looks great, work was roughly on time. However 2 years later something broke down and now I am faced with everybody pointing fingers at each other. Was quite happy with result of Splashworks Kitchen work on my kitchen 2 years ago. The issue arose 2 years later when new induction cooktop broke down: that brand was a recommendation from Splashworks and Tasco; Brand Dacor -who by the way is an American company and has the worst client service ever-; called Dacor who, after wasting my time asking a lot of questions, recommended a Toronto based technician who does not come cheap just for a diagnostic. Came, had 1 second look and identified the issue -which by the way Dacor should have known when I called them and described the issue-; Technician said he would call Dacor and see if replacement part could be ordered. Reportedly Dacor no longer fabricates the part; Technician in any event indicated rightly or wrongly that cooktop and oven were not installed (by Splashworks) properly: number of amps is too low so it basically fried cooktop. Called Splashworks several times, wrote e-mails indicating that even though it was not under warranty, it would be great if they could make an honest proposal to repair the situation. Only got through to Gerry once who argued it was not their fault and it was properly installed. I said at the end of the day I do not care, I just want the cooktop to work again so could they make a proposal to replace the cooktop, make whatever adjustment is needed to the countertop and ensure there are proper electric connections. No response now after several calls and messages. I have no time for this. When it was a matter of me paying the large deposits and progress payments I was not even allowed a day of delay otherwise I was threatened to have the works stop. When I need a decent response to an issue I am facing on the work they did there is silence. C. D. Toronto

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The work I needed to get done was a bit small for Norseman but they did agree to give a quote and do the work. I liked the following: - They scrupulously stuck to the quote and let me know when things were extra and how I wanted to proceed; clear when amounts were due for the work done - I did not have much time to spend on the project so I left Norseman to do a lot of the choices based on my Ideas: tiles, cabinets, door etc. They selected everything, got it delivered and installed and so it lifted a big weight. from my shoulders; in the end it was all fine. - Personnel working on this is very personable, respectful of property, keeping me up to date on what's happening. However, like any renovation project, one has to be very patient: any delay in one area (for instance an unforeseen situation being uncovered or a supplier not performing) can cascade into other delays.

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