I spoke with Dino and he definitely put my mind at ease from day one. He was very thorough and took the time to explain everything and answered every question I had. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I can't thank you enough Dino! yolanda

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Company Response

It was a pleasure to have been of service to you.


dealt with Rob at ambicorp who took air sample from my house, after he sent me my report i spoke with him on the phone asking for clarity and he was very vague, was not helpful at all, therefore i called the woodbridge office and spoke with a woman named cheryl who was very unprofessional, i asked very straight forward questions and she could not answer them, very unpleasant demeanor and tone i called the florida head office and customer service was terrible, a woman named Lerisa refused to answer my simple questions like is this level of mold in my air dangerous to breathe because i have a child in the house, she ended up hanging up on me because she was just a cranky lady!..i spoke with Rob from ambicorp again and he gave me completely contradictory and inconsistant information, therefore i could not trust anything he said...i told him i wanted my money back, he refused..big waste of money!..Don't bother wasting your money, you can skip this step all together and just call a remediation company and they will come in and do an inspection for much much less money, take air samples and locate the mold as well..wish i knew this before and hope it helps! also so surprised to read all these great reviews on Rob because he was not thorough any way nor was he knowledgeable, worst experience of my life! Hi Rob, this is a reply to your answer, i'm not quite sure why you are making things up right now, but i have posted screenshots of the conversation with you telling me to contact sheryl in woodbridge lab and also the name of your head office in florida, not quite sure who you are trying to fool because all you were concerned with was taking my money and people need to be aware, I had another company come in and they couldn't even believe how rediculous your report was, please see screenshot attached...thanks Feb.16..I'm not sure about the nonsense that you are going on about because you never said any of this to me when you came in, I spoke to you twice about clarifying the results and each time you gave me completely contradictory information, so this is where my frustrations lay, so I don't appreciate you making false accusations as to how I am feeling about the situation that you clearly took advantage of. You were not thorough nor knowledgeable which baffles me as to how you have these others reviews stating this. And now you are resorting to stating things that are not true to obviously make yourself look good..well I would definitely not recommend you to anyone, I had a proper test taken by a reputable and knowledgaeble and helpful company who actually did put my mind at ease, AND THOSE WERE DOLLARS WELL SPENT!...i DON'T CARE TO CONTACT YOU TO DISCUSS ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AS PROVEN THROUGH YOUR REPLIES..i think you just need to accept that someone has given you a not so great review, have a nice day.

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Company Response

Hi Anonymous Reviewer,

There must be confusion as to which company you are reviewing.

Ambicorp Property Inspections has ONLY ONE OFFICE and is based out of RICHMOND HILL. You spoke with CHERYL IN WOODBRIDGE?? You spoke with LERISA IN FLORIDA???? These are NOT employees of Ambicorp Property Inspections.

Ambicorp has only myself as the Owner and Inspector. I personally answer all phone calls myself.

Additionally, I have no clients in North York who requested mold air sampling to be done.

I believe there is confusion here.
In either case, feel free to contact me so I can be of assistance to you.

Best Regards,

Rob Amani,
Owner, Ambicorp Property Inspections.

Since you identified yourself as Anonymous from North York, I couldn’t find your file.

Now that your file is in front of me, I can properly address your concern.

Thank you for posting the screenshots that show Ambicorp’s transparency and that YOU requested to speak with a THIRD PARTY who has no contractual relationship with you.

There is confusion regarding the nature of your dissatisfaction with the service you received.


From the repeated comments in your review, it seems you are SOLELY CONCERNED ABOUT THE FEE you paid, rather than concern about the high levels of mold which may be harmful for your health and the health of your family.

As you had stated yourself, you were already aware of a leak from the main floor bathroom which you suspected to be the root cause of possible mold, for which you requested mold air sampling to determine the presence of mold.

The service you requested and paid for was simply to take a sample of the air in the basement and test for the presence of mold, for which you received a lab certificate on Feb 1, 2018 at 5:36pm that showed there is an elevated level of mold at the time of testing.

As you can see from the email I sent you on Thursday Feb 1st, 2018 at 5:36pm, it was communicated to you very clearly that there is a mold issue in the air in your basement. Subsequently we had a telephone conversation at 5:39pm and we spoke on the subject of mold in your basement. I ADVISED YOU THAT THE MOLD LEVEL IS ELEVATED AND MAY BE HARMFUL TO A PERSON’S HEALTH.
I advised you that before you consult a mold remediation company and spend a lot of money, you will need to clear the excessive storage in your basement, which is also a fire hazard. You also stated yourself that you have a lot of storage in the basement that will make it extremely difficult for yourself or a contractor to locate the hidden mold.

After receiving the lab report which clearly showed high levels of mold in your home, you proceeded to ask MEDICAL QUESTIONS from a HOME INSPECTION COMPANY. Neither an inspection company, a non-medical laboratory or a mold remediation company can officially answer a medical question to which the answer is already quite obvious.

I did everything in my power to give you the best, most honest and cost effective recommendation to deal with the mold in your basement.

As a Home Inspector, I cannot simply give you good news that you are hoping to hear, rather it’s my fiduciary duty to give you the critical information you need to know.

It’s very clear that you are unhappy about the discovery of mold in your home and decided to direct your aggression at the home inspection company for giving you news that you weren’t hoping to hear.

Please feel to call me anytime I can be of assistance to you.

Rob Amani
Owner, Ambicorp Property Inspections.