(1) The Hardwood Flooring Store and their associated installers damaged my property including my new Preverco hardwood floor; my dishwasher; my cabinets; my baseboards. There are many dozens of dents and scratches on the new floor which occurred during installation. They went contrary to the approaches discussed with me beforehand. Other than replacing a punctured dishwasher pipe, they have not made things right. Instead Nick/Darren/Carey have been adversarial and dismissive towards me. (2)They did NOT install the new underlay that I had paid for, and which was approved by my condo board; instead they just drove away with the new underlay which I had paid for. Luckily I discovered this within a couple of days of the floor installation (when I again removed my cabinet kickplates and saw the new floor sitting on the old underlay). They had no choice but to give me a refund for the new underlay once I discovered that they had not installed it. (3) They charged me for work that was not performed. The initial quote included removing and disposing of the old underlay; and installing the new underlay. Obviously they did not do these tasks, but they refused to give me a refund for this work that they did not perform . They told me that they don’t charge for those tasks anyway, or they don’t charge much for those tasks so they don’t owe me a refund. (4) Their finishing nail punctured my dishwasher water pipe and caused a leak impacting my new Preverco hardwood floor. They were dismissive that this could cause damage to my new hardwood floor. (5) The floor installers; and later the plumber they sent to fix my dishwasher pipe; used my clean bathroom and left it in the disgusting condition of a port-a-potty.

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