I am so impressed with this company!! After a month of going around looking at various different granite and quartz countertops, we finally decided on quartz which is man-made or engineered, because our budget would not allow for granite. My challenge was having to get used to seeing a seam with quartz. While there should only be a single seam (more than one indicates shoddy workmanship) but it's still a seam. All of the quotes I had received were within $100 to $300 of each other. I decided to go with Stonecraft after reading countless 10 star reviews and meeting Natalya, at their Richmond Hill location. We negotiated until we came up with a price that my budget could afford and went with quartz instead of granite which is much pricier. Fast forward a few weeks later to installation day. Three guys showed up only 20 minutes late in a major snow storm. Within two hours they had the countertops and sink installed. When I looked at the finished product I could not believe that there was no seam. I asked one of the installers why there was no seam. He pointed to the beveled edge on all the overhangs and smiled at me. "This is how you've hidden the seam I asked incredulously?!?!" That's awesome! (See photo below). Unless you were an expert in the quartz countertop manufacturing process you would never know this wasn't all one piece. I highly recommend this company to everyone looking to replace they're awful formica countertops with stone or engineered stone. I cannot say enough about Stonecraft!! Thank you for my lovely new countertops!! I've included a picture of just the edge for you to get an idea. As you can clearly see there is no seam going through the middle the overhang!! It just looks like a nicely finished edge. Anyone who has done the same kind of research on these countertops as I have, can see exactly what I'm talking about. Now there is still a partial plastic seal on the tops of the countertops which will look like seams where there are none so I have not included a picture of the whole countertop yet. The plastic seals are there for protection because I don't have a backsplash yet. I will send a picture of the finished product as soon as that is done

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Hi Monique,

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I appreciate good words you said about my company and people.
It was pleasure to deal with you.
Enjoy your countertop.

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