We completely renovated our condo in downtown Toronto last year. We did not have any scheduling conflicts waiting for them to work - this removed a lot of headaches. Lead contacts were easy to reach and they even made suggestions that made things less expensive, without compromising on quality (which was excellent). You might be able to get contractors to give cheaper estimates (we did get lower estimates), but the peace of mind on our end was well worth it. Chris, who did much of the work, did a great job; and I even asked for him specifically when we wanted to do some extra work later on.

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I hired rent-a-son for an internal move from one condo within a building to another one floor up (short term move during renovations). The two movers who helped us were very good and if I were grading only them, I would give the company a 10 star rating. However, I had some issues with the booking process. Apparently, I didn't didn't give the appropriate amount of info, so when I called again to follow up a day or two before the move, they had to add on a couple of more hours to the order. I'll freely admit I don't know how long it takes to pack a condo, so when they gave me the original estimate, I took it to mean they would be moving most of our belongings (including packing dishes and cutlery for example and perhaps excluding items like clothing). In their defense, they asked me to list the major items I needed moving and I told them of the large items, not the small ones. After I was told this I asked to speak to the manager, but he wasn't immediately availabe, but he phoned back and left a message telling me to phone the original advisor who had come back from vacation. Being passed along was a bit annoying. OK, so heavy rant over. In the end I would recommend the service as they did a good job on site, and I think I might use them when I move back into the original condo - especially since most of the items are still in boxes and I know what to ask for.

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