we needed a fridge that would accommodate a custom size for our kitchen. We went to a number of different appliance vendors and found the people at trail to be the least enthused or helpful in the selection process. The salesman was more interested in up selling to larger and more expensive model, even though we clearly stated that we had space limitations. The pricing was not as competitive as other vendors we spoke with, but the before sales support was lacking, which made me only imagine what it could be like after they have your money. In all fairness, it may have been the particular salesman, but never the less a poor ambassador for the company

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We spent a considerable amount of time looking for appliances that we thought would meet our needs. We found the staff at y franks to be most knowledgeable and were able to provide some tips that we had never thought about. The full kitchen displays were most helpful in deciding which appliances would work for our situation. They also tend to carry more of the upscale and better quality products than the big box stores. Definitely check them out.

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