I called this company based on the many positive reviews. I was sad and disappointed as this was a second experience with a plumber where I have been taken advantage of. I knew from before with doing which action caused the leak but not the reason for it. First few minutes were spent making holes in ceiling which told nothing. Most of time was running the shower water. And a lot of time was spent speaking which I did not know would in the end be added to my bill. Only conclusion being it is not a plumbing issue. I did say that it was less than one hour of work but Jeff was adamant it was more. the time he noted he came down was different than time on my record as I called him close to 230 and he said he was in my house at 215. How much can one argue so I did end up paying. I was told that a hole of 12 by 12 would be made as per agreement but two holes were made one almost 16 by 21 and another one near by. I did not understand the need for two holes. There was no mold and all a contractor would have done would remove the popcorn and smooth the ceiling so the massive holes were un necessary. A ceiling is normally not replaced from a leak unless there is mold so yes the bigger the hole and more holes you have it will cost to patch it. A good plumber should be able to assess damage without causing too much damage to someone's property. I would not recommend this company though as although I got lots of advice on other things that were not to do with plumbing and although I appreciate it, I am sorry but they are not enough for me to write a high review. The actually diagnostic work I was over charged for and still have to fix the ceiling myself and get the actually problem fixed separately. I don't know if I will believe Homestar reviews anymore. Very disappointed :(((((( I have write this review in the slight chance it may help someone. I have nothing personal to gain from this review at all

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Company Response

Hi Nosheen;
We appreciate your business very much however I'm afraid you have your facts wrong.
We arrived at your home at 2:15pm opened a file and work order for you and received a call from you while on your driveway at 2:27pm at which point you had been told we were about to knock on your door.
After much discussion as to what you were experiencing you were told what the issue most likely was. However, since the drywall on your ceiling was damaged from the leak and would require replacement a suggestion to open the ceiling and explore further as to the origin of the leak was made. We provided an upfront quote in writing as to what we were prepared to do for you and the relevant price.
You agreed to this, signed and approved said quote.
We did the work and all through our visit there were many questions and concerns raised by you. These questions and concerns were addressed as they were relevant to the task at hand as well as providing our valued customer service.
You had questioned the time spent and that was addressed properly and clearly as to when we arrived and the time at that point was 3:47pm
This was a total of 1.5 hrs you were charged in accordance with the written quote which you had approved. We left your property at 4:10pm.
We then received a telephone call from your husband who was not present at the time of the work performed and was clearly very upset.
There was a polite and lengthy discussion as to what was done and from what I understood the matter had been understood and resolved. Only to subsequently receive two e-mails from you demanding a refund.
Simply at a loss as to what your expectations are when hiring a professional plumbing company that provides an upfront written quote only to have it wrongfully disputed after the work has been performed and paid for. I'm sorry but this is simply wrong to attempt to damage an otherwise stellar reputation. After all I do believe this is why you called us. We pride ourselves on quality and valued service and our reputation clearly shows this. We have tried to contact both phone numbers but there was no answer.


They came to fix our shower unit. We had already ordered a new shower unit but they were convinced they can fix the problem with the old unit. They charged us and left. the problem was never fixed and when we called them back they were not wanting to take any responsibility to we lost 180 dollars and it achieved nothing. Please don't trust them. I wanted to post this to help others from being taken advantage of.

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