We had a FOS electrician move an outlet for our new stove, and he did a good job but something wasn't working quite right. John made sure that as soon as I reported the problem, someone was there to look at it from every angle until he found the problem and made it right. It was a simple equipment failure - no one's fault, but John made sure that it was handled quickly and thoroughly. His whole team were polite, inquisitive and professional.

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Thanks for taking the time to review us! We are so happy things worked out and hope you are enjoying your new stove! Looking forward to working with you in the future. All the best!


My order of 2 upholstered chairs and a small stool was promised within 4-6 weeks, and was not delivered for 12. After crossing the six week threshold, I began to make weekly calls to enquire as to when I might expect delivery of the items for which they were holding a sizable deposit. Each time I called the store, I was informed that the person who could answer my question was unavailable and would call me back. Each time I recieved a callback it was after the hours I had indicated I would be available and resulted in a message that I should expect my chairs within a "week or two". At the week ten point, I finally managed to get the owner on the phone, who promised he'd look into the chair issue and call me back. When he did, he informed me that there had been an indication that the fabric was back ordered four weeks after my order was placed, but no one had taken the time to look into my questions about delivery, so until that point I had remained in the dark. He offered a ten percent discount by way of apology, and assured me that the chairs would arrive in ten days. They were sent, and I was condescendingly informed that the $50 delivery fee would not be waved, and that somewhere between placing the order and waiting for delivery, the stool (which was paid for in full) that was intended to be delivered along with the chairs had been misplaced, and would have to be re-ordered, and expected for delivery in 4-6 weeks.

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