I hired Metro Wide Paving to pave my drive way and do my interlocking around my house.. they failed to do a good job and even a decent job… the workmanship is bad and I would avoid hiring this company for asphalt and interlocking landscaping work.. beginning with the asphalt.. they did it in the fall and within a few months, I noticed it beginning to crack badly in one corner of my drive way.. I later called a company that deals driveways to see if it could be repaired.. his answer was that it needed to be repaved.. I asked why, he said it was laid too thin and that’s why it was cracking.. removing a large loose chunk from the corner, he showed me that it was less than 2 inches deep and therefore designed to crack and break off.. laying asphalt thin is bound to crack.. I tried to fill in the cracks with a caulking spread but the cracks keep expanding and get worse.. Also, the workers showed up late that fall day after promising me a early visit… it was getting dark and I could not see the work.. The next day, the asphalt was bumpy, clumps of rock patches we’re in various spots and not smooth whatsoever.. I told the Joe the owner about my concerns, and he said it was the same stuff they used to pave roads… i told him I paid for the smooth stuff and not the cheap rocky road asphalt.. he continued to say it was the top quality stuff they have.. they likely had leftover asphalt from a road repair job they did before coming to my place.. I was very upset with Metro Wide.. as for the interlocking work, too many problems to write about.. I would pass on hiring Metro Wide paving located in Vaughan, Ontario.

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Company Response

What you should do Michael from Toronto is tell me where you live so I could personally
look at your driveway & Interlock that has too many deficiencies to discuss and let me assess it properly.
If you do not want to give your address away in this forum please contact me at: 416.605.8776.

The accusations you are making here are pretty wild!! I have never been accused of laying asphalt
down too thin, The comments you make about having asphalt left over from another job is also
a foolish one and, speaking about rocky road asphalt sounds like you are looking for ice cream!!!!

Asphalt comes in different grades, saying that you paid for the "smooth" stuff is also erroneous!
there isn't that much difference from HL 3 to HL3A (maybe $ 1.00 per tonne)

Why would you not call me if you saw a crack, you have a warranty for twelve months!!

Nowhere in your complaint do you say that we did not return calls or we refused to come by and have a look
at this work and address your concerns.

I don't have a single review like this, sounds a little far fetched & I am willing to take you up to task!

Why would you contact another " driveway person" before contacting me, what do you think our
competition would say..........erroneously I might add, asphalt does not crack only because it is too thin,
and if it is less than 2"there are many other factors.

If after my visit this job is as horrible as you say I will be happy to complete this project all over
again at ZERO cost to you.

Let us see now if you will contact me, because if you don't I will keep writing on this forum that
you never did contact us and that this review should be removed from our file!!

I don't ever remember speaking with you about this matter because if you would have called us
we would have taken care of this.

At least when everything is said and done I would like you to come back to this forum and tell
the people what actually happened and what actions the company took, accurately!!!

I await your response.