Dan did a quality job installing a bathroom fan for us including wiring. He fit us into his busy schedule. He was very clear in his communications up front on what would be involved, he arrived on time (even a bit early), and cleaned up at the end. The project was completed within his estimated budget even though he encountered a few complexities along the way due to surprises found behind the ceiling in our old house. He is a very knowledgeable and skilled handyman.

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We contacted this company for cockroach extermination. The first time they came 2 hours late. He applied a cockroach bait gel around the house, mostly in the kitchen. They claim that their product is safe for children and pets because they put it in places where it is not accessible. However, he was very careless when applying the gel as there were many places where the gel was easily accessible by a child, such as on the outside of kitchen cabinets. I also found a few places where the gel had dropped off onto the floor when he was walking around the house. Two months later we still had cockroaches so they came for a return visit. Again, the gel was placed in places where it was too accessible - I even found my dog licking it off the cabinets. I don't know yet if the second application will get rid of the cockroaches but if you have children or pets you should be very wary about using this company. Also, I have since found out that you can buy the same product that they use (Maxforce gel in a syringe) online and apply it yourself for much less cost.

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Company Response

Our response to this customer's comment is as follows: a.)We are in the service industry as such we have to service the customers at their homes. Like other companies in the industry, we always give our customers a 2-4 hour window for our arrival time, reasons being traffic problems, the customer at the previous location requesting more services than originally booked with us, etc. If an appointment is booked for between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm, it means that our technician may arrive anytime between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Arriving at 3:00 pm, for example, is within our time-frame and would not be considered being late. b.) As to the usage of Maxforce bait gel, there is a saleable Maxforce to the public. However, the concentration of the over-the-counter one is much lower than what we as licensed exterminators use. c.)The gel treatment is made in cracks and crevices mostly in kitchen and bathroom cupboards. In the event that a technician is generous with the application, it usually means that the technician observes a higher-than-usual infestation of roaches, which is probably the reason why we later had a no-charge repeat visit to this customer under our guarantee.