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Connect with more customers, build your brand and online reputation, and close more jobs. HomeStars is the go-to solution for home service pros in all renovation and repair categories.

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Get Exposure

Create your profile, and get in front of the 9 million homeowners who visit HomeStars every year. More eyes on your business means more opportunity to tell your story.

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Connect with Your Next Customer

If you’re looking to grow your customer network, HomeStars will help you get there. We are the go-to for Canadians searching for trusted, community-reviewed pros.

Win More Jobs

Each homeowner that finds your profile is an opportunity in the making. Utilize our reputation tools like reviews, Verification and Star Score to help build your brand, increase trust, and convert more visitors into customers.

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Put Your Best Work Boot Forward With These Tools

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88% of homeowners read reviews before making a hiring decision. Collect reviews, and show them why you’re the best pro for the job. All HomeStars reviews are vetted for authenticity.

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Getting Verified by HomeStars helps build homeowner trust and certifies that you’ve passed our screening for safety and credibility. Creating your free profile is the first step.

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Star Score

The HomeStars Star Score empowers homeowners to better understand the quality of a pro. Star Score is calculated by customer engagement, review ratings, reputation, and more.

You have the skills, we have the network, together we’re unstoppable.

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Canadian home service pros advertise on HomeStars.

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Leads are sent to our pros each year.

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Homeowners visit HomeStars each year.


See what other pros are saying about HomeStars!

“We love HomeStars! The customer reviews are not only invaluable to growing our business and brand, but because of the consistent traffic on our HomeStars page, our SEO is fantastic!”

Visit Kitchen Makeovers on HomeStars
Tanya Bilmer, Founder & Sales Manager
Kitchen Makeovers
Cabinets & Design
Surrey, BC

"I’ve been in business for 8 years, and HomeStars has grown my business by at least 50%!"

Visit ELM Contractors Inc. on HomeStars
Enzo Palmieri
E.L.M Contractors Inc.
General Contractor
Toronto, ON

“HomeStars has helped our business have a greater presence in the home improvement space."

Visit GBS Painting Inc. on HomeStars
Scott Wood, Owner
GBS Painting Inc.
Painting Pro
Calgary, AB

“HomeStars gives my business a constant flow of new leads, and has kick started our business with great exposure online.”

Visit LUMOS Electic Inc. on HomeStars
Scott Cleator, Co-Owner
Lumos Electric Inc.
Ottawa, ON