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The key to any good home is the foundation - since carpentry framing helps to ensure the structural support of the house, we recommend hiring a home service pro to help with floor framing, wall framing and other household needs.

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Published: 01/07/2020
complete reno down to the wall studs. The only thing still in the bathroom from before the reno is the toilet which I wanted to keep. It took longer than I had anticipated but I was extremely happy...
Published: 08/02/2020
CALL Damian, you will be ABSOLUTELY satisfied with his services expertise, knowledge, professionalism, and care. He is actually a certified trade, unlike most general contractors that are just hustling and delivering mediocre work at best. Newcombe is Vancouver's...
Published: 08/02/2020
I am very satisfied with the process that Newcombe wood concepts & construction inc has in place. We are nearing the end of the design phase and at every meeting, we have been pleasantly surprised by the material and their...