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If you are swimming in clutter and need a Marie Kondo in your life, hire a home service pro to help organise your home. Before the initial meeting, experts recommend jotting down a few goals that you hope to achieve and then discussing them with your home organizer.

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Published: 11/05/2023
Wow! What a hard working team I had today! They came to do my windows today- a Sunday- which was perfect for me; they did a lovely job. It was a sunny day which enhanced the quality of their work....
Published: 11/25/2023
Maid in Luxury answered an emergency house call with specific needs of having a couch and refrigerator cleaned in addition to a home deep cleaning before a baby arrival. They did a great job. Was effective and efficient and the...
Published: 11/25/2023
Maid in Luxury the best in the GTA!!! Yup, I said it! THE BEST!!! From the pleasant and warm conversation I had with them prior to getting my place cleaned I knew I made the right decision. I was greeted...