Swimming Pool: Concrete - Build or Install in Ancaster, ON

Before building a swimming pool in your backyard, you should do a soil test to see if your soil is suitable for pool construction. If your soil is sandy, expansive or rocky, this may pose additional challenges during construction. The pathway to the pool site should also be wide enough for heavy machinery to pass through.

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Published: 03/14/2021
This was the 2nd job that John and his son completed for us. They removed an eyesore of a bordering hedge, expanded the drive to accomodate another vehicle, and levelled the surface til we pave this year. The finishing touch of the...
Published: 09/03/2020
John and his sons installed our fences and gates. He did an horrible job that now we have to hire someone else to fix all the mistakes they have done. I chose him because he seemed reasonable and at the end of...
Published: 08/17/2020
John and his crew installed brand new privacy fencing on our property where previously there had been cedar hedges. John's team worked through blistering sun and heat and gave us exactly what we wanted. Their attn to detail, trustworthy and professional...