Drain Line Breakage - Camera Locate in Brampton, ON

If you have a leak in your drain line but have trouble finding it, you may need a camera to locate the leak and see what is going on inside the pipes. Hire a home service pro to help locate the leak and repair it accordingly.

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Published: 05/02/2021
We were noticing wetness in the basement and suspecting that it was related to the usage of upstairs washroom. We hesitated to contact plumber for service because of the current covid situation. On the other hand, we were concerned that...
Published: 04/29/2021
Thanks Andrew! Great seeing you hard at work . Feel safe knowing you installed the regulator, new shutoff valves and garden hose faucets. Already used one faucet to clean my bike after riding in the mud. :)
Published: 04/28/2021
Base rate to remove a kitchen faucet, and install a new kitchen faucet (owner provided) is well over $400 - which I feel is outrageous, and also higher than base rates they charged in years past. To be fair, the quality...