Stone Slab Countertops - Repair (Granite, Marble, Quartz, etc) in Brampton, ON

Stone slab countertops tend to be pretty sturdy, but scratches and cracks can happen inevitably. To repair scratches on stone slab countertops, home service pros tend to use electric sanding machines with diamond pads and chemical polishers to sand out the scratch.

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Tg Reno
Published: 03/23/2021
Paul was absolutely awesome to work with. He provided a turnkey operation, I had nothing to worry about. All I did was supply the tile and Paul worked his magic and took care of everything. Paul has a very sharp...
Published: 05/07/2021
WOW! is the best way to describe their work. I will use them again. On time, on budget, friendly and clean up was great. Thank you so much for making this small project go so smoothly. They did...
Published: 04/29/2021
If you want a company that strives to meet your expectations look no further. Asteri Construction is a company that will be their when they promise and the work done is precise and professional. To a standard that would...