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Depending on the usage of the household, experts recommend cleaning the range and hood every 3 months. The purpose of the range and hood is to trap grease, but if it is not cleaned frequently, it may lose its effectiveness.

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Published: 07/02/2022
Flora and Valentina deep cleaned my condo and I am so happy! I recently had a baby and did not feel like cleaning. My place is gorgeous and I feel great, which is super important post partum. Will definitely re-book.
Published: 06/16/2022
Nancy was prompt, thorough and super friendly! Everything was spotless and smelled really fresh. Would definitely recommend this service.
Published: 06/07/2022
Erica came early for her 4pm appointment, for which I was very pleased. She introduced herself by name, and went to work immediately. She cleaned my balcony perfectly. Without any Ty instructions, she just went ahead and cleaned the apartment,...