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Although a structural engineer doesn't necessarily need to know how to physically build the structure, he should be knowledgeable in the concept of "constructability" in order to provide a solution that is buildable, practical and cost-efficient for the homeowner.

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Published: 01/18/2023
Mohammad Is a perfectionist in everything he does! Works in a very timely manner and knows everything that needs to be done to get your projects approved! Thank you Mohammad!
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Published: 12/15/2022
Utes, provided excellent service in preparing structural and architectural drawings for a cottage build. Also helped with documents associated with permit submissions.
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Published: 12/06/2022
We had an immediate need to upgrade our basement to building code standards. With no knowledge of the process, Arash tool charge of my problem. He is professional, responsive, responsible and fair. Holding our hands through this difficult process. Thank...