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Compared to custom made cabinets, pre-made cabinets are cheaper and easier to install. Contrary to popular belief, they are usually high quality and come in a wide range of styles to match homeowners' needs. Hire a home service pro to help install your cabinets at home.

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Published: 05/04/2021
Renovating a kitchen and removing an adjoining wall to make a tv lounge will always be interesting; but doing it in an 1890s house, served up many challenging situations. Doing it in the Covid Fall...
Published: 05/20/2021
Dmitriy did an installation of our new built in appliances, to replace the ones bought at Ikea by the previous condo owner. I was concerned as to how they would fit into the respective spaces as the kitchen is...
Published: 08/05/2020
Dimitri was great from the start, the design was great and lots of useful and realistic advises. The installation was fast and great too. This is the second projects we did with dimitri. Highly recommand.