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Chris in Bradford
Chris in Bradford
3 reviews Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON

Decent install job, but -very- poor and threatening service afterwards

In July 2020, Empire Green Sprinklers Ltd. installed a 10-zone sprinkler system on my property. I paid $3044 plus tax which included 5 years warranty and 1 year of maintenance service effective from the installation date. The October 2020 winterization was covered by this appointment, no additional fees were charged, and I was advised during that appointment that Spring 2021 service was covered as well since it was within the first year.

However, when I contacted Empire Green again in May 2021 for spring service, they advised it wasn't covered because 1 year meant 1 season and not 12 months. In my case, it meant only 4 months which isn't even a full season.

I was quoted $120 for the spring opening which I reluctantly agreed to pay despite being previously told it was covered and said that I would be writing a review explaining what 1-year service actually means. Nothing more, nothing less. As I continued to wait for Empire to book my spring appointment, Melanie responded by demanding that I now not only pay for the spring opening (which I already agreed to do) but also now pay 6 months in advance for winter closing as well. She stated that she will close my account the next day if I did not do so. After I objected, Melanie cited a clause in our agreement which allowed her to do this. However, when I asked her for a copy of prior invoices and agreements to see the wording of this termination clause, she simply responded with "No comment" and advised that I would be hearing from a lawyer over an online review that didn't even exist.

Sean (husband and co-owner) stepped in and provided the requested invoices and service agreements that Melanie would not send. He explained that no customer is required to pay upfront for winter service in the spring which put a rest to Melanie's threats to terminate my account if I didn't do so. Upon reviewing the agreement that Sean provided, it was quickly noted that the clause that Melanie was citing did not exist.

In recognition of Sean's efforts to help, we mutually agreed to moving forward with more business and winterization was completed in October 2021 without incident which I also paid in full. A few months later, I also noticed that had updated and corrected the wording on their website to better reflect what was included in their service. That was good on their part so I moved on, dropped any thoughts to leave a review, and gave Empire another chance.

The following year in May 2022, I scheduled and paid for an appointment for spring service. The on-site service technicians arrived on-site but did not complete the work that that they themselves itemized on the invoice. I contacted Empire Green to very politely asked a few questions around this and they went unanswered for 2 months despite a couple of follow-up e-mails sent during that time. decided at this time that I had enough of Empire Green's treatment of customers (particularly Melanie) and proceeded to leave my first online review of Empire Green Sprinklers Ltd. after being a paying customer for 2 years.

After doing so, Empire Green subsequently closed my account, abruptly terminated a 5-year paid warranty without compensation, and then filed a police report that among some other false allegations also raised safety concerns around receiving payment in vacuum sealed bag which is not true either. I do not have any information on what their ulterior motives, if any, were for making such a ridiculous claim but after they advised me that they have more than enough customers, it became evident to me that they do not place sufficient value on new customers.

The rest of the employees at Empire Green are helpful and the installation job itself was decent. It really is just Melanie's poor handling of customer that warrants the rating that I am giving this company. Her behavior has been called out by a fellow employee as well but as she is a co-owner, she unfortunately does not really have anyone to answer to.

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