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Backyard Redesign

We first engaged Green Apple Landscaping in January 2021, assuming this would be ample runway to have a backyard redesign in time for the summer. Unfortunately, we were strung along for months and are now left scrambling to find another contractor who can finish the project. 

The designs provided were good but required very obvious revisions for simple things - like proper access to our door - and did not reflect our personal preferences and taste. When we requested a difference colour palette, for example, we were told this was their style and they failed to give us adequate alternatives. 

The service was very slow and lacked coordination. It took 15 weeks to receive the design and budget (which we paid $4000 for). It was our impression they got very busy and were unable to manage all the projects they had on the go.

When we finally did receive costing 6 weeks after approving the designs, it was drastically over the budget we shared with them and which they said would be respected.

In our experience, they are quick to make promises, have you sign a contract and pay a deposit but unable to hold up their end of the bargain. 

Note: In the spirit of honesty and transparency, we shared this review in advance of posting it here and they took no ownership over the situation.

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Company Response

I'm sorry that you feel this way about our service.

January 21 was our initial meeting and a design contract was signed.
January 27th - we received a deposit and you were told it would take 3-4 weeks for the design presentation.
On Feb 24th the design was presented. It took exactly 4 weeks for us to present the plan to you.

At this point, during our meeting, it was mentioned that the balance of the design fee was due, and you agreed to send the payment for the balance. Despite a few more reminders, we did not receive payment from you until after we gave you a quote for the build.

March 3rd We received an email with the request for changes after the design was complete and changes were to be made you mentioned ..."I understand costing is the next step but we are firm on keeping this project at $30K max so would like the designs to reflect this reality. If we are completely off base, please let us know!"
Our reply was: "It's hard to determine exactly the cost without going through the process. I would suggest that we make the changes and send it to Peter for the quote and then if we need we can adjust the drawing if need be. I can respect your request and we will do our best to try to accommodate from our end and if we can't make it work on our end the way it is designed then we will do our best to find an alternative way to get it done and still give you a beautiful yard."

March 14 you poked me for an update.
On March 15 I sent the revised design.
March 16 you had a few minor questions and asked for a 3D revision as well. As I mentioned this was not part of the design scope however I provided them as per your request.
March 17 I responded to your questions
March 17 you asked if I could accommodate your request for the 3Ds and I said I would do that for you.
March 20 you responded
March 22 - 2 days later I had the 3ds revised for you.
March 23 almost 3 weeks later we were still waiting for the contract fulfilment regarding payment. Once payment is made in full the costing process is put on the front burner. We do not usually apply the next phase of pricing if payment is not paid in full.

As you can see, we had had no lapse in timelines from responses and requests you had made. Once I heard from you I always responded in a timely manner. It is quite normal to have a design process with revisions take 4-6 weeks.

In response to the budget, it was clearly pointed out to you what things might cost in an email sent on January 22nd which was after you had signed a design contract but before you had sent a deposit. The budget requirement we gave you was considerably more than your stated budget yet you proceeded with a design anyway. Since that time lumber has doubled in price and other materials have been increasing 30% in some cases.
When there is a wish list, we do our best to keep the budget in mind, but prices and wish lists can play out against each other. Prices are what they are and that is out of our control.

Regarding being all in for signing a contract, We would remind you that you waited almost a week before sending the deposit to the contract. We did not push you or promise the world to you. My advice to you was that you need a good plan to do it right. There was no pressure from our end at all.

Regarding the delay in providing the quote, you hadn't actually paid for the design, even after being politely reminded several times to do so.
We do thank you for paying now, but you only did that after we provided you with a quote for the installation.
Would any business provide a timely quote if you haven't paid for the original work?

I'm sorry that you felt the need to try and tarnish our reputation. I wish you luck with your project.