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Worst Customer Service and Product Quality

*BUYER BEWARE* Worst buying experience we have ever seen anywhere. We were long time loyal customers and had never had major issues in the past with our purchases until our most recent transaction January 2023. We purchased an Electric Range Convection Oven and it arrived with interior/exterior scratches, discoloration on the stainless steel, misalignment of the item frame left-right, and numerous other issues. The item was ordered on a Monday and delivered same week Wednesday. Initially the item was scheduled for delivery at 2:00pm but they advised they were running behind so an update indicated 5:15pm-6:15pm. We took the afternoon off work to be there, but delays happen so no issue initially. They decided to arrive at 4:00pm when we had stepped out and they said they would not wait more than 10min, even though the rescheduled delivery was for 5:15pm or after. We convinced them to wait an extra 5min, which was like we begged because they ignored our explanation of the original delivery time and even rescheduled time. The item was delivered, and the delivery agents took three photos of the item still in the cardboard box, quite literally pictures of just the cardboard box with no visible section of the actual product at all. We took a photo from a distance once it was removed from the box that really did not show any portion of the item in detail, which they took as well. The delivery agents removed it from the box, which please read carefully. Once an appliance (apparently it is different for furniture) is removed from the box it cannot be returned. We called same day as delivery and the next day, Thursday, again. The first thing the customer service representative said when we called was, and I quote, has the item been removed from the box we of course explained yes, your delivery agents did. Then they continued to advise, and I quote, it is standard process for the item to be removed from the box to ensure no damage has been done. That is quite the policy, why ask if it had been removed if in fact once it had the return policy is void yet it is standard process for delivery agents to remove it??? So now backing up a bit, the item clearly had exterior damage but also interior. We took 10+ photos and sent them to their customer service team, after already spending an excessive amount of time on our first two calls. The damage was enough for the customer service representative to agree, and I quote, yes it is clear there is significant damage to the item. They then advised that because it had been removed from the box it could not be returned. They forwarded us their pictures of the cardboard box to validate it could not be from delivery damage (I cant make this up, they literally stood behind their evidence of the exterior of a cardboard box). They then advised we had to call Frigidaire to have a repairman come out. This is literally the day after we received a brand-new item that cost $1,800+. They did not even offer to contact their supplier, we had to for some reason. We sent countless emails, where none of the actual items of inquiry were addressed. We called and asked for the matter to be escalated and again are still waiting. The Terms & Conditions are quite clear, except for delivery damage. All Sales are final, which we would have had no issue having Leons arrange an exchange for the same item until the run around from customer service representatives begun. They manipulated and falsified information from the onset of the transaction resolution request. They will not honour a full refund due to the damage from delivery or even for that matter, what apparently made it passed their Quality & Controls processes. They said they would take the item back but only if we pay a restocking fee, wait you would charge a customer $400+ to restock an already damaged item? What is the restocking fee for if you already agreed there is significant damage? Overall, they either want to restock a damaged item to do the same thing to another customer, have the customer next day delivery deal with their major supplier because they are too lazy to, stand behind pictures of a cardboard box as their proof and evidence of non-delivery damage, and at the end of the day not honour their Terms & Conditions. I think most importantly treat a long-time customer as if they had a voice or like they had pride in their services. Since they were acquired by the EG Group, a British Retailer, the decline in quality/value of product and mainly customer service is very noticeable. I suppose it makes sense why their stock on the TSK has dropped more than $8/share in the last year. They do not even price match if you find a competitive offer. We highly recommend Trail Appliances for kitchen appliances, Sleep Country for room furniture, Home Depot/Lowes for other competing appliance stores, Canadian Appliance, locally Calgary Crossroads Furniture, and ultimately anywhere but Leons or related company The Brick. In closing, we (sarcastically) thank you Leons for adding us on your new VIP Services, which were as equally unreliable and disappointing as the standard service. To be honest I dont even think the VIP service is a real agent. I am pretty sure its automated and trust me more frustrating trying to get assistance than by email or phone. Likely stands for Value Is not Priority, sign any customers up that purchase an item. They were dumb enough to believe theyd get quality the first time now theyll be dumb enough to believe we have a VIP service, let alone any service.

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