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Camcorder repair disappointed

To begin off, I am not the type of person to leave a negative review, but here I am because I am forced to. I am still more than happy to work out a solution with the owner but deception is why I am leaving this review. Im still leaving two stars because his customer service was decent, but not the repair job.

So I dropped off a Sony 8mm camcorder to be recapped a year ago, Oscar said no problem
I will rebuild it like new again a month goes by and Oscar said he replaced many capacitors inside, but the capstan motor is broken and unrepairable he said. I took his word as he was the tech and so I thought an expert. Months went by because I was waiting on Oscar to see if he could get a capstan motor. He couldnt fix it but he claimed he replaced most of the capacitors and that put a lot of time into it and the image is crystal clear now and the camcorder can be used using its external video outputs, I thought thats fair enough, I respect people for their time and labour and I paid Oscar $360 ($100 in advanced and $260 when I picked up the unit) finally.

Now, I was told that the unit was recapped (the image should be crystal clear and the unit should be usable through the video outputs. I am very disappointed because the camcorder is acting exactly like how it did before I dropped it off for repair (staticky image, rolling image, the camcorder still smells like rotting capacitors when turned on for a few min) sometimes it wont even turn on after turning it on, literally all my time and money went into the garbage.

Now the reason why Im disappointed is that because Oscar told me that the issue was a capstan motor. But it turns out I took the camcorder to two other technicians and they both said the issue is with the servo board capacitors which have ruined the multi layer traces on the board (it has nothing to do with the servo motor and many models share the same boards from the line of Sony 8mm camcorders from the early 90s) but Oscar claimed the parts must be from the exact camcorder model but that is untrue because most of these camcorders from the same line used the same chassis and parts, that being said I feel deceived because the camcorder is exactly like how I sent it in for repair when it supposedly went in a repair and claimed that many hours were put into it however I have received the camcorder and it acts exactly like how I did before I dropped it in for repair. The only difference is that I paid $360 for a camcorder thats exactly like how it was prior to repair. I am an honest and reasonable person and paid Oscar because he put his time and effort into it and claimed that the camcorder should work besides the VTR part. However its literally acting like how it did prior to dropping it off for repair, I just feel ripped off.

I would still like to work with the owner (Oscar) to see what he can do to improve things and what we can do to improve the rating to five stars and reach a solution.

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Company Response

Good afternoon
thank you for your comment & your review.
Camcorder have over 5000 capacity for example.we cannot change 5000 capacitor we change much as we can. we have a picture to approve. How many capacity change. When you was here I tested show you picture was good. Don’t forget when camcorder get older you get more problem. any equipment has life.we have guarantee not warranty if you had the problem after one month or two months or three months. You calling after one year and asking not working or you have an issue.
That’s reason we not repair camcorder anymore. We did not overcharge We supposed to be charge you more than that. We did not force you to pay We explain to you and We discussed with you. We not pay for my review & the stars. ,we know how hard We work and respect for Customer.