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Company Lacks Integrity.

After giving this company many chances, I'm very unimpressed by the poor quality and low level of service. I wouldn't recommend them at all. In fact I question the authenticity of those positive reviews written on here. It doesn't even sound like the same company that I've been dealing with for the past 2 years.

Our kitchen was completed 2 years ago and shortly after completion our cabinet doors began to show obvious signs of air bubbles in the paint. Soon after, chunks of paint began to fall off our kitchen island. Customer Service in Winnipeg were good at finding a quick solution. They sent installers out to paint the island panel so it completely covered up the problem and made it appear as though nothing had happened. They didn't offer to repair the air bubbles on the doors and instead led us to believe that we had been careless with water or liquid dripping overtop which in turn caused the paint to bubble. We decided to accept it for what it was and carried on. We did become very careful not to let any liquid come into contact with the cabinet doors and dried it up quickly if it did. But only a few shorts months later the kitchen island began loosing chunks of paint once again and the air/paint bubbles started showing up but this time all over the cabinet doors regardless how careful we had been. I sent email after email to that same customer service office, and left voice messages politely asking them to come back with a more permanent fix rather than just their temporary band aid. This time I heard absolutely nothing back. Apparently the girls that used to run the customer service team have all moved on to companies that stand behind their products and I don't blame them one bit, however the point is that they are gone without being replaced and now customer service no longer exists, literally! The designers/sales people wash their hands of their client once their design and sale is completed so there's really nowhere to turn to for help when a situation like this happens.

I gave it a rest but then again was so frustrated when I would open up my cupboards and see the bubbling everywhere or when I would find more paint chips had fallen or chipped off. This is not what should happen with a new "quality" kitchen renovation. So again I reached out and this time to Kitchen Crafts "Operations Manager" hoping to get things fixed once and for all. Every time I've reached out for anything to kitchen crafts employees it's felt like I've been chasing my own tail, it's such a challenge for them. After more back and forth emails and more time wasted on exhausting long phone calls, the manager decides to come by and do his "inspection" as he called it. I vented a bit to him since naturally I was pretty annoyed with the time and energy wasted. Rather than apologizing for all the "Rif raf" he instead chose to become defensive and blame my kids for being the reason my kitchen cabinets and island were falling apart. There's no way that could even be possible, how insulting and talk about an unprofessional and cheap way to pass the buck. Nice try inspector gadget I so badly wanted to say to him but again I remained polite. What was he there to "inspect" anyway, damage was done and clearly there's a problem with their product. It should have been noted from customer service to the installers to anyone else that was made aware that this had been an ongoing problem for the past 2 years! This was nothing new that needed inspecting. He should have come over with the intention to problem solve and nothing else. I didn't appreciate his attitude so I challenged him on the "lifetime warranty" that Kitchen Craft is supposed to stand behind and questioned him about why there was such a high turnover of staff and he suddenly changed his tune. He offered to replace the entire panel on the island and repaint only a few select cabinet doors but made it seem as though this was a huge favour and a one off exception for me. But in order to do that he said he would have to remove a cabinet door for a few months so that they could colour match it. This sounded somewhat reasonable, he was trying to resolve the problem so it seemed. But because it was summertime/the time I entertain the most I didn't feel comfortable leaving my kitchen boxes open and exposed to everything inside of them so I asked him to come back in early September to take the door away. He agreed to it. I asked why he couldn't deal with the island panel at least for now to get the ball rolling and he said he wanted to wait until September to do it all in one shot. September rolled around and I heard nothing from him. I left several messages again through his voice mail and through the Burnaby show room receptionist and again have heard nothing back. We are now into October. It's also the 2 year mark since the completion of the kitchen and still as I write this review, these problems remain unresolved and there's been zero communication from these people. Clearly they are not willing to make their clients happy in fact the exact opposite.

I believe I've been very patient, overly passive, and way too understanding up until this point. I was hesitant about writing a negative review however a review as such has been long merited and I wanted other potential customers to be fully aware before they spend any money here. I've been told that there are many upset and dissatisfied clients just like me out there and to no surprise. The whole morale of the company seems so low and its so disappointing to see the way they treat their own clients.

If you're looking for a kitchen cabinet company with good quality or at least who stands behind the quality of their product, and who deals with issues as they come up then this is not the company you want to hire for any home project. Vancouver has way too many better options out there to be stuck with this one. I've always believed you get what you pay for but where Kitchen Craft is involved this is not the case at all. Save yourself the time, money, headache and stress and go somewhere else where your business is appreciated and where you are taken care of from start to finish.

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