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i bought a dishwasher from the brick in 08 with extented warrenty which i was told it had in home service,all good.2011 dishwasher not cleaning glasses so i look at dishwasher and me lil ol me new what was wrong with this unit.The inlet rubber for top rack was cracked and pieces missing so top rack was not sitting in the inlet properly and not sealing water pressure to spin upper arm thus not cleaning the inside of glasses or anything in top rack.The soap dispencer would not empty completly and it was all cruded around it and on its way down to bottom of dishwasher with soap residue(its stainless inside it should be clean inside)it was so obviuos.
This is where it gets good,i phone 800 360 2742 explain what wrong they say we will get back to you,2 days go by nothing so i phone again it took her an other day to get back,then she tell me im to far out of winnipeg to send Technician(technician ya rite)she Says i have to bring it in.Ok no problem.I bring it in 1065 St james ST WPG MB.I try to explain what wrong to person at service desk and he can't fig what code to use for work order and he just used code 052100 not cleaning completely and that how they gave that to TranGloble.Mar 21 i get a phone call NOT from someone working there but it's an answering machine telling me my dishwasher is ready for pick up(thats BS)Ok on the 22 i go there to pick it up and all this is 200 kms a trip,i get ther look at work order an it says 055000 no fault and i said your wrong and proceeded to explain to Dave from Transgloble what was wrong and of course John the tech not here that day so dave said he would take it back and re do a work order.
I phoned Kim from transgloble on the 22nd and tell her about them not fixing dish washer she say oooh yes i will look after you and monitor this issue closely and asked for my phone # and may be the tech could phone me and ask me lil ol me what is wrong.I don't hear from her till march 29 only because i phoned and she said i will email tech and i said no more emailing tech i want to speak to manager.Here come Meagan the manager, she says i will talk to John the tech.2hours later i get a phone call from John himself and says "Whats wrong with you dishwasher".lol i had to explain to tech what was wrong.30 minutes later he phones me back and tells me my dishwasher ready to picked up he said they changed that rubber seal and put a new rack in.18 days and three trips in WPG 600 kms later i got my dishwasher BUT now because i bought extented warrenty i want to get re embursed for my gas to bring this diswasher in WPG which was suppose to be in home service wich they dont ask because they just want that 150 dollars.So since March 29 i talk to Kim at 2pm and she said she would get back with info on this issue and NOTHING. i have phone evry day for her and they keep giving me excuses so i have been trying to phone the manager Meagan and getting same run around from recieptionist either tere away or at lunch or not in. and toady its the 31 and nothing.i phone today got same deal from new girl(cant remember her name} that answered but she said she would get back to me this was at 3pm Edmonton time
its one thing the tech could not fix unless i told him how to fix it its all the phone BS,with customer service nobody wants to talk to me.
Never been jerked around like this
will try to keep you posted on this poor customer service from Transglobale

wish me luck

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