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Dan in Toronto
Dan in Toronto
2 reviews Toronto, ON

Townhouse Windows replacement

This is a review that is a few years late. Back when Ontario had the window replacement rebate program, I decided to upgrade. After getting half dozen quotes I picked Mike @ Windowland. They had the best price and the window was two layers not three, yet still qualified for the rebate and the R value was good.

Once the contract was signed and the bill was paid... I waited for months for the windows to be installed. It's understandable that the manufacturer was behind due to the higher demand at the time. But Windowland makes no effort to reach out to you and remind you that your windows are still on the list. It took more than 4 months from the order date to the installation date. Not once was I contacted... and when I reached out to them, because Mike was unresponsive and feeding me tomorrows for weeks, they didn't even have a record of my purchase. They are extremely disorganized. Something else to note, the windows I got are fairly noisy even compare to the 30-40 year old windows I had before. Something Mike neglected to tell me or something is was simply ignorant of.

The installers were decent professionals and did a fair job without destroying my window openings (it's an old house). However, there was some issues with nails showing through the frames and sealant missing so I reached out to Mike about them... Just to put things into prospective of Mike's @Windowland responsiveness, from my initial communication with him about the issue and to someone actually coming and inspecting the windows, I got married, sponsored my wife and had a baby in that timeframe...

It's been 5 months since someone visited my house and inspected my windows and I've had ZERO communication since than. With some luck, maybe things will get resolved by the time my kids go to college.

Oh and don't even get me started on getting that rebate proceeded with the government. The Ontario government made it to the contractor had to submit the form. Mike took something around 3 months to submit the damn forms... but not without me contacting him and reminding him to do every other week.

Overall I would never recommend this company for your window replacement. I regret not paying more and going with someone else.

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