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Markham 1699
Markham 1699
3 reviews Markham, ON

Shower door installation

I had Dmitri and Zeev out to give me a quote at the end of February for the replacement of my corner shower door and walls. They had the best price out of the 3 companies I looked into and they were able to come out to my house quickly to take the measurements, so I hired them. Their time estimate for installation (2-3 weeks) was accurate, however I had to follow up with Dmitri a couple of times to get him to come out and install the shower doors.

During installation, some of the ceramic tiles broke, but Zeev assured me that he would replace them with something of my choice, and at his expense. I was impressed with the customer service at this point. Unfortunately, everything went downhill from this point onwards. He had to reschedule the installation of the new tile about 3 times (which took about 3 visits, since it could not all be done at once). This was very inconvenient. Then, once the job was finished, the shower door was leaking water. Whenever I called Dmitri, he always told me that they were so busy, and that he would call me back. Never once did he return my phone calls. Finally, he told me to call Zeev directly. I did, and the same thing: he said he would call me back, and he did not. Then, he told me he would come on Friday, but that he would call back later with the exact time. Well, needless to say, he did not call back, and he did not come on the Friday. I finally had to get more assertive with them (after I don't remember how many calls and conversations), and they came at 9pm on the day they said they would be there at 6pm. (Again, there were another couple of calls I had to make between 6 and 9 to make sure they actually got there.)

End result: They came back out in June to "fix" the leaking shower door, but it is still leaking. A little bit less, but still leaking nonetheless. I have given up on them. I will add a bit more caulking myself to see if it solves the problem. It was way too frustrating and exhausting of an experience working with them. They give extremely poor customer service and do not respect their customers' time. Do not be fooled by the price. For 100 or 200 dollars more, you could get another company out to do the job properly.

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