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Gail B. from Vancouver
Gail B. from Vancouver
1 review Port Coquitlam, BC

Poco Condo

I was looking for a 1 bedroom condo in the PoCo area and after viewing numerous units I settled on a studio at Freemon Green as there were no 1 bedroom units available on the top floor. So I knowingly sacrificed a balcony for the interimn with the intention of purchasing a 1 bedroom in the upcoming new building. On move in day there was someone working on my unit still and my storage locker was full so unavailable. John the Customer Care rep did offer to have it emptied but I was OK with it and the stuff was moved the next day. My discrepancy list had not been addressed and the unit had not been properly cleaned, lots of painters dust over everything. Moving is a stressful process and I was completgely organised for mine but due to the condition of my unit and someone working inside of it, the move was frustrating and I was exhausted. I spent the next few weeks emailing customer care to have the deficincies corrected and eventually we were done but I ended up feeling badly and having to resort to behaving in a manner which is not consistant with who I am. My entire career is based on customer service and solving problems but this circle of communication had me stymied. I still don't know how to work my alarm although it was explained to me on moving day, I forgot due to stress I think. I have to say that John the head of Customer Care was awesome, so nice and he tried his best to make things better. He even gave me an awesomne step ladder which I desperately want to buy for my own work site now, it's so good. He also recommended my new favourite coffee location just a minute away from my building.
So now we come to this summer and the heat in this building. No air conitioning in the hallways which I will be sure to ask about for my next purchase of a condo. I have a dog and it's so hot that that I'm worried she may expire so I am running an A/C full time or taking her to extra days at dog daycare but it's all adding up. If I could go back I would definitely have purchased any other unit with a balcony as I have 2 windows and their is just not enough air circulation. My last condo faced full west with wall to wall windows and it wasn;t this hot and I specfically bought a unit facing east
The building is supposed to be green and save on energy costs but running an A/C is not energy efficient nor is it green. New solar window coverings are a couple thousand dollars which I may have to invest in. although I had not budgeted for this. I also am reluctant to cover the cathedral windows with any type of blinds as they are an outstanding architectural detail which sold me on this unit 100% Awesome look and view.
Anyways, the building is nice, my unit looks great, I love this area and feel lucky to live here but I think due to the excessive heat and owning an animal I will only stay until I can find something a bit more suitable but hopefully still in this area. The Mosaic team are great; friendly, upbeat, postivie nice people and some of them live in the development so that's a positive statement right there. I am 50/50 just make sure you ask lots of questions. I thought I had covered all my bases but I don't think any of us expected the heat factor and I do realise this summer has been unseasonably hot. It seriously is intolerable and that's all you talk about when you meet your neighbours. We asked about installing solar window tinting but council has held off for an owners vote until May of next year. Also the building has 2 electric charging parking spaces underground which I thought was pretty progressive and very green and forward thinking - just found out Mosaic sold them off to two owners and the vehicles are not electric. The strata property representative said the electric charging station signs would be removed shortly.

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