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P & E in Stouffville
P & E in Stouffville
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New air conditioner

We purchased a brand new Lennox XC-14 and are very happy with it. It is a very solid machine and is very quiet. It is a rather large unit though, so make sure you have room for it.<br><br>

As for the overall process with Cosmopolitan, it was less than pleasant.<br><br>

The sales person, Paul, was nice but a little pushy when done with his pitch. I have every right to shop around and hate when sales people try to push you to sign. Not the end of the world, but give the customer some breathing room.<br><br>

The unit was to be installed on the side of the house next to our living room. As we spend most of our time there, I specifically asked Paul if we would hear the vibration if the unit were mounted to the foundation. I was assured that we would not... turns out that we do hear it. Putting the unit on the ground was not an option due to ground movement in our new sub division.<br><br>

The installation process felt really rushed. As soon as they were done, they just wanted to get out of the house as quickly as possible. What they passed off as an explanation of the system was a joke, I had to pull information out of them. On top of that, the installer could barely speak English and I could not understand most of what he said. In the end, I had to give up.<br><br>

The installation of the AC coil introduced a rather loud high pitched whistle that drove us mad. I have to give the service manager Kevin points for trying to deal with the situation but in end, the blame was placed on our builder and the technician really didn't seem to care much. I spent quite a bit of time researching this issue and I had to mention the various solutions to him while he was at our home. It was like pulling teeth with him, every response was "that's normal" or "I don't know". If I had not mentioned the things I did, he wouldn't have tried anything.

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