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KBryant in Tottenham
KBryant in Tottenham
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Terrible work

I have to believe that these reviews are all fake. We picked Andrey to install, sand, stain and finish natural red oak floors and sand stain and finish our stairs (new build) because these reviews were so great. His price was $3000 less than everyone else's. Our first red flag was that he didn't acclimatize the wood, but we believed he knew what he was doing. They didn't tarp anything off when they started, and they used a PALM sander to sand the floors When my husband asked why they didn't use the big drum sanders, Andrey said they did use it. Little did he know my husband was home the whole time and saw that they didn't use it. When he was mixing the stain, he poured it into a Tim Hortons cup on our tile and sure enough it spilled and stained the grout. When we got home to see the finished product, there was garbage piled up on our porch, the tape was still on the walls, none of the tarps, that WE put up because we didn't want saw dust everywhere, were taken down, there was stain and wood filler on the walls and the trim. Also a bucket of white oak filler was found, when we have RED OAK. The flush wood floor vents he put in were the wrong size. The list goes on. I would never recommend Andrey to anyone based on all that, but the worst part was when we went downstairs a few days later to get food out of the freezer and found that they had unplugged our extension cord to obviously use it, not knowing our freezer was plugged into that extension cord. About $500 worth of rotten meat was left for us. I emailed him twice to see if he would provide any conpensation for that and he never responded back. I would be happy to show anyone the work in person or to tell you the other things he did/didn't do so that you don't waste your money like we did.
In response to the vendors comment below. I told him that we had already thrown all the garbage out and removed the tape ourselves. We shouldn't have to ask for a vendor we are paying to clean up after themselves. We told them not to rush and to come back after Christmas but they said it would be done before. How could you know there was a freezer in the basement? Because it was beside my extension cord you unplugged. It's a brand new house, the freezer and some boxes on the other side is all there is down there. I told him there was at least $500 worth of rotten meat, and I said I believe he should offer some kind of discount from the $6000 we paid for the flooring. There was no initial discount, so I am unsure of where that came from. And I asked how he can fix the now splitting floors, without completely starting over? That is when he stopped responding to messages. If anyone wants to come to my house personally and see his work, feel free. You can email me at km.bryant21 @

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Company Response

I was upset to read this review. I take customer satisfaction very seriously, this is confirmed by hundreds of happy customers and perfect reviews. I'd like clarify some of the points about this job.
We have done the work on Christmas Eve, we put the last layer of varnish at 9pm. I warned that we cant wait when it will completely dry, and if there are any issues we will come after the holidays and will fix everything. A week later I got a message that we are not thrown out the trash and didnt remove the tape. I said that I could come and fix all of this - take off tape, dispose garbage and make some touch ups, customer have refused of it.
We can not be responsible for the meat, we could not know that customer has a freezer in the basement, and due to the fact that the power tools we used this incident occurred. Despite this, I offered compensation for meat, customer have refused it again and asked incredible sum 1000$ for everything. ( although I already gave him good discount for work).
Photo shows stain on baseboard but its always looks like this before installing shoe moldings.
I believe we did a beautiful job with the floors and stairs, there were some issues which can be solved easily if the customer would have been fair and honest.