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Maria Mastoris from Toronto
Maria Mastoris from Toronto
5 reviews Toronto, ON

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I have never had to write a negative review, as a matter of fact, I have been extremely pleased with the work that has been completed in my home by other companies over the years. This project unfortunately started wrong from the original contractor (who was fired by us as he did not show up to the work site often) and ended that way. I unfortunately cannot write a positive review about our experience and justifiably so.

I am not out to bash the company because that is not my style. I would only like to make the next person aware that this is an extremely large company, and you are either going to be one of the lucky ones who will have a very talented crew come out (as was in my sister's case) or a crew who is not capable of completing a good job from the beginning (unfortunately this happened to us).

The work performed was not professional, incorrectly completed from the start and patched up over and over and over. The company has a policy that makes the person who initially completes the job accountable, but after the 3rd attempt I demanded someone else, you certainly cannot blame me for that. Kris, a very capable employee came out to connect the crown moulding once again, but it unfortunately separated as it is wood and it was never cut on an angle, just straight across. He actually completed the crown moulding in the kitchen which turned out fantastic! He is certainly worth his weight in gold!

The closet opening was not done according to measurements given, the baseboards were not joined correctly, the window trim was installed incorrectly, the crown in the dining room was installed upside down, only to mention a few. The fine detail was inferior at best. My husband was the painter of this project, and as the work had to be corrected over and over, he had to paint and still needs to paint the corrections. This not only was time consuming on his part but also expensive and nobody seemed to care about a finished product. Just about the money, that's all.

I know the company will say they deducted some money off the final bill and yes they did, after all that however, I would much rather have paid them the full bill and had a fine job done from the start, rather than a credit and an unbelievable amount of stress.

So here we are today, having to paint our walls and ceiling that were destroyed once again from all the patching and very unhappy about that. The company keeps saying they want their customers to be happy. I am not convinced. Nobody cared to come out and inspect the final product and when Robert came to pick up the final amount by cheque, (make sure to not give them a credit card as I did, that is a different story in itself) he kept talking about what a wonderful job they did on my sister's home and did not seem to care about the end result of our home. By the way, my sister's very expensive project was a referral from my husband and I (that is before we knew what we were getting into).

David, the salesman for the company is very much a yes man, does not follow through with what he says and makes false promises. Make sure everything is in your contract, I mean "everything".

You know in life people do not like the truth, the reason why is because the truth hurts. I have nothing to gain or lose by telling you the true story.

I hope this will help you make your final choice when you are renovating.

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Company Response

Dear Maria,
We are very disappointed as a company to read your review. We are a company that prides ourselves in the customer service and the quality of work in which we provide to our customers. Any concern that you brought forward to the company was dealt with immediately by our staff. We are not a company that doesn't show up as; unfortunately you had to experience with your original contractor. We are a company that stands behind the work we do. All materials were supplied by yourself and we installed the material that was provided. We never walked away Maria.We waited over 3 months for your kitchen to be completed by another contractor
while keeping in constant contact with you. The credits that were applied to your account were for materials not used and garbage removal. We sent Kris in and you mentioned he did a fantastic job as; we always make sure our customers are happy in the end. As; you can imagine our disappointment when we saw your review. We as a company wished if you had further concerns that you would have brought it to our attention when Robert came to do your final walk through.

If you have any questions or concerns we are always here to assist you.
Best regards,
Customer Service Manager