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Autumn in Toronto, Ontario
Autumn in Toronto, Ontario
4 reviews Toronto, ON

2nd story top up and complete reno of entire house

Avoid this company at all costs. They not only left the project, but was dishonest about things being completed when it was not. They took our last payment which is over $100k and did not pay the subtrades.
Communication is terrible. In the beginning Arshia was resposive and appeared to be very nice however that changed when we questioned why things were taking so long and issues brought up were not addressed, even though they said it would be. We realized covid has had an impact on efficiency but there were months that nothing was done. I realize now that we were being dismissed and taken advantage of. We lost our son to cancer during the early days of the reno, we trusted them to do the job and to take the reigns on the project. It's been disappointment after disappointment. We gave them many chances and exercised extreme patience in the matter. Only to hear about him complainng about the issues that arise, which is normal given the magnatude of the project. We are not new to renovations and have done many throughout the years, working with various trades. This experience by far has been the worst. We are the most patient /understanding clients you can work with, paid everything when billed within 4 days.

Everything is extra, despite being provided with the details and drawings in the very beginning. Later to only hear he admitted to not reading the HVAC drawings / specs and therefore quoted less than it should be. Same with kitchen window at the rear of the house, the size was to be reduced to accomodate a new kitchen counter. It was written in the contract, had email communication about it, even reminded him several times about it but yet the original size was ordered. Later had to replace with new and he charged us for the his oversight. Claiming it was a design change. Even after sending the email and drawings proving his moversight, they refused to address their mistake. They just ignored it and brushed it off. This is one of countless issues we had with them.

No other contractor would be verbally abusive, moody and fly off the handle with a client for asking a question. We learned afterwards that there was a partner in the company who left and perhaps that is why our experience has been this terrible.

He increased the contract price sighting covid pricing and we were more than understanding about this, however I have now heard from subtrades that he was dishonest to them. The reason he gave to them about not being paid was because the homeowners are "bad payers". He is slandering our names and threatened to put a lien on our house when we told him to stop the project after his last outburst. There is no basis for his threat as every payment is up to date. He was behind in paperwork, but that is not our issue. His brother had to step in and apologize and offered to take over the project to complete it. We were niave to believe things would get better.

Shortly after recieving the funds on Dec. 21/20, they stopped communciating/ responding to our emails and texts. They finally responded on Jan 5/21 stating they would not be able to finish the project due to illness. Arman claimed they would work with us in providing trade names and details of what is left to be done. As of today, no such information has been provided. Instead they want us to sign a Release to agree to not pursue legal action and absolve them of any responsibiltiy. Sorry but if you do not wish to take responsibility for your work then you should not be a contractor.

Contractor also removed my furniture from the basement to his house for storage, something that was never discussed with us. We agreed for it to be stored at a local storage facility and agreed to the price for that to be done. We only found out it was at his house after inquring if we can get access to the storage facility to retrieve an item. We have reached out to try to make arrangements to move our furniture but no one has responded to our email. It appears that we have no choice but to pursue legal action. Everything I have written is 100% truth, subtrades will back up what I am saying, they too have been duped. I had to pay them twice to get them to finish the job, one of them are personal friends of Arshia for 15 yrs. Yet he has not recieved any response from many messges left by him. That says alot.

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