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Dave D from Toronto
Dave D from Toronto
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Bathroom renovation distaster

Summit renovated two of my bathrooms completing work in July, 2019. I have delayed giving a review because I wanted to forget the whole experience but based on what I found today I feel I must provide a warning to anyone considering hiring this company.
Since the completion of the renovation I have been working to remedy damage caused by Summit contractors including repairs to my hardwood flooring, repairs to my wooden front doors, repair to my new tub and repairs to my finished basement which incurred water damage due to leaking pipes from Summit work. This has cost me thousands of dollars in repair costs not to mention the aggravation.
The issue that has pushed me over the line is that over the past couple of months I have noticed cracks in my bathroom drywall. I called a contractor to investigate. Today the contractor and I discovered that Summit did not tape the drywall joints. Of course now the walls are cracking at these locations.
Buyer beware. I’ll be happy if I help at least one potential buyer to seriously think about whether or not they wish to hire Summit Contractors.

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Company Response

This is a rather unusual review for Summit Contractors. However, we find it a great opportunity for us to showcase to our potential clients and fellow contractors that as much as you pay full attention to the details of each project and do your best to outperform, you can still end up with an unjust review.

As the owner of Summit Contractors, who has a reputation of providing outstanding services to its clients gaining us numerous 10stars reviews, it is with mixed emotions that I am writing this respond since we have a claim of not being satisfied with a project. Yet, I need to share these evidence to protect my hard working and professional team who have always made me proud and made our clients rave about the team and what they have created. We have a reputation of being honest and fair and with all due respect to the owner of the review, we decided not to respond with a stereotype apologetic reply, but to share our point of view with honesty and integrity.

Luckily as a part of our procedure we take photos of every project and job site before, during and after we are done. We would like to invite you to review the pictures of this project as we are proud of the job we have done and the professional measures we have taken for this project to come up with outstanding results within the quote and timeline. These pictures talk for themselves in proving that many of the indicated points on this review are false.

Please find the link to the photos of this project below and also a copy of the original zero score submitted review that we’re writing in respond to:

In addition, I would like to point out the below regarding these photos relative to the comments made by the owner of the review:

1. The indication of the drywalls not being taped is FALSE. There are over 25 photos that show the drywalls have been carefully taped.
2. We gladly covered the claimed cost of the claimed damage to the bath tub although there was no evidence of the damage or invoice provided. (Proof provided in the pictures)
3. Claimed damages to the hardwoods and the door were minor scratches and we offered a free touch up, which was waived by the owner since he considered them minuscule.
4. The only claim that is close to an actual fact was a leak caused by the toilet valve failure which was taken care of immediately. (photo of the damage is provided and as mentioned it was fixed by us)
5. We trust that a zero score is unrealistic even when if the writer of the review is not fully satisfied with a job.
6. The owner of this review has never contacted us regarding any complaints or to ask for any kind of repairs since the completion of the project.
7. It is also indicated that thousands of dollars!!! were spent to fix these damages, yet he never contacted or claimed this damages, which is a highly unlikely behaviour when the claim is valid, specially after he had already been reimbursed for the bathtub immediately without any evidence. Can’t see why he wouldn’t communicate any other issue with us!

Given the evidence provided in the pictures from this project and the above details of the events as well as the unrealistic score, it seems to us that the writer of this review has been rather unkind about the service he has received from Summit Contractors. We trust in readers judgment to take this review with a more than a grain of salt!

Arash Nor

Summit Contractors